Liu Yuhan

August 31, 2003


About Athlete

Tennis has always been a very important part of my life. I have also always made it a necessity to focus on my education while pursuing my tennis career. I believe I have the required characteristics to excel in college tennis for my career growth and the success of my college team while attaining a degree.


Chinese A, Math C, English A,

TOEFL Total Score



2021 11 Oct to 17 Oct CTA Tour Linfen singles semi-final

2021 11 Oct to 17 Oct CTA Tour Linfen doubles semi-final

2021 3 May to 9 May CTA Tour Anning singles quarter-final

2020 24 Feb to 29 Feb J5 Phnom Penh singles semi-final

2020 24 Feb to 29 Feb J5 Phnom Penh doubles semi-final

2020 17 Feb to 22 Feb J5 Phnom Penh singles finalist

2019 10 Jun to 15 Jun J5 Nonthaburi singles champion

2019 19 Mar to 24 Mar J4 Chengdu singles quarter-final


Additional sporting info

Right handed

Personal Best

ITF 353, UTR 10.2

What makes you different?

As a junior, I was consistently in quarterfinals and semifinals of the national tournaments but never on top. I however was determined to stay in tennis and keep playing because of my love for the sport, even though many of my other friends started to quit. My desire to keep fighting started to pay off and I started playing much better tennis and beating players that were traditionally the best in China, not just as juniors but also players who are ranked top 200 in WTA. My determination to keep going and love for the sport is what I believe makes me different.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Competing college, I believe gives me the best platform to develop myself as an athlete and as a student. Tennis has always been an individual sport and college tennis is where a tennis player what it is to be in a team and work towards a cause that is bigger than the individual player. I want the feeling of being in a team and work for the team while being lucky enough to get educated as well.

College Goals?

My goal would be to graduate in 4 years with a good GPA and receive as many accolades as possible as a player and as a team.

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No.2 High School in Pingguo, Guangxi