Alice Ariano

March 18, 2003


About Athlete

My plans after high school are based both on my academic and sport interest and goals. My determination, dedication, perseverance have always allowed me to reach considerable results; a young age, for example;played in a state bound team at 15 years old.

I’m a short-term goal setter, however when I achieve these little goals, I define new goals till I reach my final objective.



SAT Total Score
May 7th 2022
TOEFL Total Score
June 2022

Riviera Volley Rimini, Rimini, Italy (2016-2020)
Idea volley Bellaria, Rimini, Italy (2021-2022)

H.M. King High school varsity volleyball team


Selected for Under 14 provincial representative Selected for Under 15 regional representative

Additional sporting info

Best Newcomer of the year (2020-2021 season)

Personal Best

Approach Jump: 18 inches
Blocking Reach: 8’6’’
Spiking Reach: 9’0’’

Biggest strengths within my game: game understanding

What makes you different?

My personality is what makes me unique: determination and awareness of my abilities, confidence.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Last year even though I received offers from few clubs in Italy to play in a national championship, I took the change to study in the United States. The possibility to put myself out and learn and learn new training and teaching methodologies. Furthermore, playing at college level would mean to accomplish my goals after years of sacrifices and dedication during which I have practiced for several hours per day to improve my social and athletic skills. To compete at college level, organization and resilience are needed, these two skills are also important in life.

College Goals?

I am very intrigued in putting in the dedication, the time, the work, and all the effort I have to be able to achieve my goals and reach the higher level of education. Of course I expect a personal growth during college, I believe that education is important to understand the world and develop critical thinking skills.

Anything else we should know?

I have always put in all the my effort in order to achieve my goals, both athletics and academics. When I was 16 years old I won an academic scholarship to study abroad, an experience that forge my personal view of the world.



Liceo Scientifico Alessandro Serpieri

High School Graduation 2022