Aaron Deuser

June 30, 2022


About Athlete

After first touching a golf club in 2017 I became obsessed with the game of golf, since then dedicating my life to it. I’m seeing college as the perfect way to combine education and my sporting talent.


High School Grades
Math D, English A, History A, Sport A, German B, Chemistry C, Biology B, Economic A

SAT Total Score
Score: 990


Zürn John Deere Open: 10th place 82, 80

Brunnen Championship: 15th place 79, 80

Mercedes-Benz Cup: 11th place 78, 82


State team championship quarter finals: 75,76,81

Sate team championship semi finals: 80, 72, 73

State team championship finals: 76, 75 , 72 

Club championship: 1st place 69, 74, 72 

State single championship: 3rd place 78, 72, 70

 2021 06.26.21  German Junior Team League : 72/ 71 07.17.21 German Junior Team League: 78/ 77 08.15.21 Mens Team State Championship: 73 (Team Win) 09.18.21 Junior Team State Championship 79 (qualified for national championship) 10.02.21 Junior Team National Championship 72 (3rd in Country) 04.20.-04.22 German Junior Masters WAGR (22nd) Par 75 ( 79/81/85) Upcoming tournament: Mens League Match : 05.15.22

Additional sporting info

Club distances
Driver- 295 yards

5 Wood- 275 yards

3 Iron- 250 yards

4 Iron- 230 yards

5 Iron- 210 yards

6 Iron- 200 yards

7 Iron- 190 yards

8 Iron- 180 yards

9 Iron- 170 yards

46°- 150 yards

50°- 140 yards

54°- 130 yards

58°- 110 yards

Personal Best

Currently listed as the Top 10 player in my State

What makes you different?

What really sets me apart is that the first time I touched a golf club was three years ago and now after hard training, I’m playing at such a high level of competitiveness.

Why do you want to compete in college?

From college comes the best amateur athletes from all over the world and I want to compete against them in order to step up my game and to satisfy my competitiveness.

College Goals?

I want to develop my golf game to a higher level and get the best education possible at the same time, in order to max out my potential in sports and academics.

Anything else we should know?

I’m able to dunk a basketball.



Freie Schule Anne-Sophie

Graduation 2021