Adam Ward

May 9, 2004


About Athlete

My aim is to develop my golfing ability and study my chosen degree subjects in the United States. Both my current exam results and golfing achievements to date clearly demonstrate that I am capable of attaining my goals both academically and in my sport to a very high level.

I would love to take advantage of the excellent facilities that are offered in colleges in the US to help me achieve my long term goals. I certainly have the ability, commitment, courage and drive it takes to be successful in a team environment as well as individually.




  • Moor Park Club Championship [79,81]
  • Hertfordshire County Colts Championship [81,74]
  • Faldo Series Brocket Hall [73,79,71]
  • Hertfordshire Colt Championship [81,74]
  • Boys Hertfordshire championship [81,75]
  • Moor Park Jnr Stag [76,74]
  • West herts presidents bowl [75]
  • Luke Donald Salvar [74,77]
  • Moor Park autumn meeting [72,71]
  • Harpenden common junior open [77]


Handicap 7.0-4.5

  • West Herts Bellworthy Cup [71]
  • Faldo Series Brocket Hall [76,80,80]
  • Moor Park Directors Bowl [77]
  • Boys Championship [78]
  • Faldo Series Royal Ashdown [77,83,81]
  • Moor Park Junior Autumn Meeting [76,75]
  • Junior Team Golf Qualifier [71]


Handicap: 11.7-7

  • Junior Chairman’s Trophy [81]
  • Drumoland Junior Open [80]
  • Letchworth Junior Open [80]
  • Moor Park Junior Open [84,81]
  • Sandy Lodge Junior Open [84,83]
  • West Herts Junior Open [80]
  • Boys U16 County Championship [75]
  • VER League final 1.5/2

Club distances

58-98 yards

54-109 yards

50-127 yards

PW-141 yards

9 iron – 151 yards

8 iron – 159 yards

7 iron – 168 yards

6 iron – 183 yards

5 iron – 191 yards

9 iron – 204 yards

3H – 230 yards

3W – 245 yards

D-265 yards

2021 Schedule:

  • Faldo Series Brocket Hall 
  • Carris Trophy 
  • Boys Hertfordshire County Championship
  • Moor Park Jnr Stag
  • Royal Birkdale Jnr Open 
  • R&A Boys Championship 
  • Faldo Series Goodwood 
  • Peter McEvoy Trophy
  • South East England Links

Awards, press

Hertfordshire County U16 nett winner

Junior Team Golf Finalist held in Portugal 2019

Junior Player of the Year 2019 (West Herts Golf Club)

Hertfordshire Match Record W2 D1 L0

Additional sporting info

I played football for Chorleywood Common Youth Football Club (CCYFC) from the age of 5-15 years. My commitment to golf meant that I had to choose between the two sports last year.

The CCYFC team that I was a member of was league runner up x3, league winner x1 and league cup winner x1.

I also played school football and was a member of the A team [Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10].

I have skied for many years and obtained my gold level award medal.

What makes you different?

I am very committed to playing my best golf each time I prepare to play. During the lockdown period, I continued my practice at home every day using a golf net and putting mat as well as working on strength and conditioning. As soon as golf courses reopened I played daily and noticed a great improvement in my scores. Golf is my biggest passion and I regularly set myself new targets to help achieve my long term goals. The hours of practice that I put in have continuously improved my game. I will continue to work extremely hard to get the results I know I deserve.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college at the highest level against the best amateur golfers in the world whilst studying my chosen degree subjects. Going to college in the US will give me this opportunity and I believe this will be the best path to allow me to pursue my dream of becoming a professional golfer. Having researched many golfing colleges in the US, the layout and routine is exactly what I am looking for.

College Goals?

I want to compete at a high level with fellow students and immerse myself in a golfing environment whilst at the same time secure a degree. As a member of both the elite Junior team at my home club and the Hertfordshire County Team, I have experienced the thrill of team golf and I value the team work and camaraderie that it brings.

Anything else we should know?

Three of my fellow club members are currently attending college in the US and pursuing their dreams of becoming professional golfers. I am in regular contact with them and I am confident that this is the career path I want to follow.