Adrian Jose Castillo

July 12, 2003


About Athlete

My goal is to combine my academic studies and sports talent. I am very excited about going to fulfill my dream of studying at a university in the United States and being able to do it by doing what I am passionate about, which is playing soccer, and fulfilling my goal, which is to play college soccer.


Business English: 4.2
Speech: 4.7
Computer graphic design: 4.3
History: 4.3
Marketing project/ sales technical: 4.8
Advertising production: 4.5
Office practice: 4.1
Mathematics: 3.8
Accounting: 3.4
Spanish: 3.7
Religion: 4.9

The grade scale is from 1.0 to 5.0, 5.0 being the highest

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score

Costa del Este Fc (2012 – 2019)

IPA school team (2018 – 2021)

Panama City Fc (2021 – now)


2nd place Disney Cup tournament in Orlando Florida 2014
2nd place Disney Cup tournament in Orlando Florida 2016
Mediterranean Cup, Barcelona Spain 2017
1st place in Profutbol Cup 2018
1st place in the San Miguelito District League 2014
3rd place international tournament for peace in Panama 2012
3rd place in San Miguelito District League 2012


Additional sporting info

Season 2021 statistics

Offensive duels won: 1st in team '36' (44% in effectiveness)

Recoveries: 2nd in team '34 '

Shots: 5 (4 on goal) `` 3 goals ''

Passing: '138' (72% effective) 2nd on the team

Personal Best

Greatest strengths in my game with: aerial play, vision of the game, good positioning, following orders

What makes you different?

I think I have what I need because I am that type of player who strives to the maximum day after day and will always give 200% in each game as the same at school, I will give everything for the university that I sign and they will know that I am unique because I will give you my virtues on the field, my vision of the game passes, shots and the desire to want to leave every game hungry for victory.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am interested in university sports because it is a nice opportunity to join my dream of improving in soccer and improving my English so that more entrances are opened to me when it comes to having business or working.

College Goals?

I would like to achieve in the university to acquire the greatest possible knowledge to be prepared when I leave to administer or manage international companies and in sports, I want to achieve that experience and that new knowledge that will help me to be better in what I like.


Instituto Panamericano