Adriano Coppolecchia

January 10, 2000


About Athlete

My goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science/Athletic Training while pursuing my dream of playing soccer at the highest level possible. I love to improve every day on the field, but I am aware that I need to take my academics seriously.


College Math -- A

General Biology -- A

General Biology Lab -- A

General Biology 2 -- A

Written English -- A

Written English 2 -- A

General Chemistry -- A

General Chemistry 2 -- A

Computer Applications and Success -- A

Student Success and Orientation -- A

Precalculus II -- A

Nutrition -- A

Psych. Human relation -- A

Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 -- A

Human Anatomy & Physiology 2 -- A

Intercultural Communication -- A

Calculus 1 -- A

Philosophy: Ethics -- A

Intro to Sociology -- A

Intro to Business -- A

Spanish 1 -- A

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score
Not required

KVW Zaventem (U14 – U21; from 2013 to 2017)
FC. K. Schaerbeek (first team P1; 2017-2018)
Caledonian Braves (U20 + First team; 2018-2019)
OSA Seattle FC (NPSL Summer league; 2021)
Casper College (Fall 2021)

  • U14 and U15 Elite 2 (Highest youth league in Belgium)
  • U17 and U21 Inter-provincial/National (2nd highest level of the youth leagues in Belgium)
  • P1 (4th Belgian division at that time; first team)
  • U20 Edusport Academy (a lot of games against top division Scottish teams)
  • Scottish Lowland Football League (4th Scottish division; Caledonian Braves; first team)
  • NPSL
Additional sporting info

I played in 3 different countries and consider myself an experienced goalie for my age. Playing at a high level in those countries has brought me a lot. I have been training with goalies from Tottenham (UK), Angers (France), Anderlecht, and Union-Saint-Gilloise (D1, Belgium), as well as (during Gk training in July 2021) goalies from Boston U, FIU, Jacksonville, U South Florida, UNCW. But also played with goalies from Seattle U and U Washington during my summer team, which made me understand and compete against the highest college-level gk’s in the US.

Personal Best

Best Goalkeeper KVW Zaventem tournament (U14)
Calls for First team practices at 15 y/o in 2nd professional Belgian division (KVWZaventem)
Brabant cup runner up (first team FC.K. Schaerbeek)
Player of the Month – March 2019 (Edusport Academy)
Gordon Cup winner (First team Caledonian Braves; Scotland)
NPSL Washington Cup runner up (OSA Seattle FC; 2021)

What makes you different?

I’m always bringing positive energy to the team whatever situation the team is in. I bring maturity through experience on and off the field. I am a good teammate and will always put my team first in any decisions.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to be able to play soccer at the highest level possible while making sure that I get a bachelor’s degree. I also feel that being part of an athletic program in college helps to keep focusing on your goals. I want to leave my mark in a college by winning trophies and representing a college in all the US. Moreover, I feel that the lifestyle and busy schedule of a student-athlete is preparing me for the future whether it would be for a professional soccer career or another career where the organization would be important.

College Goals?

I want to play at the highest college level possible and make a lot of memories by achieving big things with my team; conference champions, qualification to the nationals, and bringing a national trophy to leave a mark in the program’s history. I want to learn every day and still play competitive games where I could really help my team to win.

Academically, I really want to learn about exercise science because it’s a subject that interests me as I can reflect on it to improve my performance and help my teammates. My goal would be to keep a GPA of 3.5+ throughout my bachelor’s degree.

Anything else we should know?

Biggest strengths in my game are my ability to play with my feet and find ways to break some lines from the Gk spot when my team is under pressure, I am an excellent goalie on my line with big reflex reactions/saves. I am good at organizing my defensive line and making sure to have constant communication with them. Another strength I have is how I command my 6-yards box on crosses.


College Jean XXIII (High school)