Aeneas Jansen

December 17, 2004


About Athlete

I’m a strong academic student with an interest in economics, history, philosophy and geography. I’m also a baseball player who is specialized as a catcher and has been playing at the highest youth level in The Netherlands for the last years. Helping out as assistant trainer has given me the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with younger players. 

My teachers and coaches know me as a person who is committed and always works hard. I am generally described as calm, focused and self-critical. 

My goals for the next years are to achieve an academic degree in business and play baseball at the highest possible level. By studying and playing in the US I hope to benefit from the breadth of education that is offered here, the high level of sports and to broaden my horizons. I’m eager to put my talents and effort into my academic and athletic career in college and hope to contribute to the success of the team I will represent there.


Dutch language and literature - A
English language and literature - A
Earth Science and Geology - B
History - B
Mathematics - B
Economy - B
Art and art history - B
Music and musicology - B

GPA is 3.25

SAT Total Score
Score: 1060

The Hague Bears (Little League 2019)
H.S.V. Adegeest (U21 1st division; 2020)
Future Star Baseball Academy (2021)
H.S.V. Euro Stars (U21 1st division and adult 2nd division; 2021)

  • Netherlands Little League 2019 winner (juniors)
  • LL Europe Africa qualifiers 2019 (5th)
  • Future Star Baseball Academy 2021 U16 Pony League Prague (tournament cancelled due to Covid)
  • Little League Seniors 2021 first place in the national championships.

Awards, press

I was awarded a place at Future Star Baseball Academy and will play in the U18 team in 2021, while I also could have played in the U16. 

In the 2020 season I was - at the age of 15- invited to play (as catcher) several games in the 1st adult team of my previous club.

Receiving the encouragement prize for sports talent 2021 in the city of Leiden on February 24, 2022. Together with a teammate from the little league team who also lives in Leiden.

Additional sporting info

I assist the coach of the U21-team at my previous club and occasionally also help to give practice to one of the adult teams there. During off-season I’ve organized and given the catching lessons to the youth players of that club and have been coaching one of their most talented catchers towards Little League try-outs. I’ve learned from this experience that you need to adapt your training methods to each individual because each player is different, has different goals and needs. It also taught me that coaching is a way to reflect upon technique and I can improve myself through teaching.

Personal Best

Catcher: Pop-time 2.03 (2020, sept. outside)
Hitting stats 2020 (U21); 21 games; 59 PA; 37 AB; 13 H (11 single, 1 double, 1 triple);
Batting average 0.324; 20 BB; 24 SB.
Defense stats 2020: 66 PO; 20 Assists

What makes you different?

The most important thing that makes me different as a student and an athlete is that in times that others stop working or giving it their best I continue to try to improve myself. I work hard both in school and on the baseball field.

During trainings, games and in classrooms I am focused on my task and am not distracted easily by my surroundings. In the process of learning new skills I often seek conversation with coaches or other players to discuss technical or tactical aspects of the game and to learn from each other. I am competitive and prefer to train and play with older or more experienced players to challenge myself to improve, e.g. I’ve been catching in the 13-15yo from the age of 10 and moved to the 16-21yo at the age of 13.

As a person I have a healthy dose of self-criticism. Socially I am generally calm and good tempered which makes it easy for me to mix with many different people.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The US is the home of baseball. Here it is valued, recognized and a source of entertainment and inspiration. Playing in college will allow me to meet likeminded people, experience the recognition of the sport and be able to entertain others while playing baseball.
I want to become as good a baseball player as possible and I know that in college I will get this opportunity while it also gives me the chance to keep working on my academic skills which I can use later on in my life. The level of baseball and the intensity of training that are normal in the US are far above the standard in the Netherlands. I sincerely want to experience and live up to this level. I know that to become the best in this sport you need to put in work and having the opportunity and facilities for this in the US is something I’ve dreamt of for years. Also the way sport is an integral part of daily life in college the same way as going to classes is unique. In the Netherlands you only study at a university, sport is something you do beside university and the combination of these two worlds into one is ideal for me.

After having played (and studied) in the US I would like to take this experience and knowledge back to my country in order to inspire and help other young athletes to become the best version of themselves.

College Goals?

My academic goals are to explore the breadth of subjects available in the US system, whilst working towards a degree in Business and Economics and achieve a high grade. I’m fascinated by the way the economic world is practically organized and how people behave in this money-oriented world. What attracts me in the US college system is the fact that you receive a broadbased education, with theory as well as practical assignments and groupwork, which will enable me to learn more.

I am excited to experience the personal growth from a college experience. I enjoy meeting people with different backgrounds and see this as a great way to broaden my horizons and further build my understanding of others. I hope to be a positive contributor not only on the field, but in everyday life in the college.

Anything else we should know?

At the age of 7-15 I’ve sung in the oldest boys choir in the Netherlands. With them I’ve performed in collaboration with professional choirs and orchestra’s and sung many classical masterpieces such as Bach’s St. Matthew Passion and Mozart’s Krönungsmesse. Even though I do not sing at the moment I still appreciate many kinds of music.

I consider myself a team-player and a good listener. In high school I’ve been trained as a student counselor/mediator and I use these skills in other situations as well.



2018-sept. 2021 Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden

Graduation year: 2023
Sept. 2021 Leonardo College Leiden