Ahmed Ihab Nossier

December 9, 1999


About Athlete

I’m aiming for a successful career in soccer while maintaining a good academic level in a ranked university and that won’t be possible here in my country so I am eager for a challenge abroad specifically in America as it is the ultimate location where sports and academics combine.


Following NCAA guidelines Ahmed's GPA would meet U.S. requirements.

SAT Total Score

Primary Position: CAM (playmaker)

Secondary Position: CM

Footedness: Right

Season - Games Played:

2017/2018 – 18 games

5 goals – 6 assists

Career - Game Winning Goals: Dreamland club – moved to FC Masr in 2014

Current Team: Pegasus Club

Leagues/Clubs: Giza state championship

Team events and results:

Our team is preparing for competing in the first division of the under 19 Giza state championship which leads to the states championship and we qualified last season and won the second division tournament the year before.

Other athletic information:

Won the MVP for the under 17 giza championship. 

The youth media representative wrote about me on the social media after the end of the championship and posted a short clip attached to his words

What makes you different?

Here in Egypt if you want to succeed and start a career in soccer you have to leave everything behind including your studies and your school so it is extremely tough to maintain your grades and your sports level at the same time, and I have been doing this for five years now as I am still performing and giving a hundred percent at the pitch while keeping my grades as high as possible at a school that provides us with a very strong curriculum like SABIS. So I think if I get the chance to work with people that recognize the importance of combining academics with sports it will allow me to focus more and achieve a lot than what I am achieving here.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Competing in college seems like playing in a professional environment as athletes are treated like pros while they are still learning and gaining knowledge. So competing in a professional level and having the chance of going pro after finishing college while learning in a high ranked university is a great chance that must be chased.

College Goals?

I wish to learn something that changes the way I think and specifically in the economics major that I am passionate about. Keeping my grades high throughout the coming years and strengthening my knowledge in this field is my primary goal to open up new routes for a great career.

Anything else we should know?

Definitely I am striving to get a scholarship in a great college to keep learning but my ultimate goal in life is actually related to soccer. My dream is to become a soccer player and I am willing to work for it in the upcoming years until I reach the highest level that I can play in.