Aissa El Khadri El Khadri

November 11, 2002


About Athlete

Hard work, courage and dedication is what it takes.

My name is Aissa el khadri a golfer from the Netherlands, I speak 5 languages which are Spanish, English, Dutch, Arabic and French. I have lived in Spain for 6 years and I also lived in Morocco for 10 years. I’am looking forward to continuing my dream to become the best in the world and continue progressing not only as a player but as a person as-well and be part of a team and win some championships together.


High School Grades
IB MYP Grade 9 and 10
English Language and literature
Spanish language and literature
Social Studies
Mathematics (Extended)

International A Levels Grade 11 and 12
Additional English language credits

I am on schedule to meet NCAA Eligibility and graduate on time in June 2021

SAT Total Score
Score: 1100
  • Moroccan National champs 2012 1st place | (76,74)
  • Moroccan National Champs 2014 1st place | (72,80,72)
  • Moroccan National Champs 2017 7th place | (70,75)
  • Moroccan National Champs 2018 1st place | (72,71,72,74)
  • Dutch Tour 2017 2nd place | (72,74,72) 
  • 2019 JFGA Tour: 2nd place | (80) (one day tournament)
  • Hurricane Tour Don Law South Florida Open (85,75) 3rd place finish
  • The Gecko tour pro event January 2020 Atalaya (78,74) missed cut
  • Dutch junior Championship qualifications: (71) 2019 (one round qualification)
  • Omnium Vll palm casa 2021: 79,77,77,78 (professional tournament)(WAGR) 
  • PGA Catalunya international 2022 (77,79,76) 
  • Portuguese Atlantic trophy (75,80,76) T5 under 21 category 2022
  • College golfer series 28feb-1march 2022 (75,82,74) (gained entry into WAGR) 
  • Brabazon trophy northern qualifying 2022 (74)(T5)
  • Penmen invitational: 79,77 
  • NE10 conference championships: 72,77,78 (T14) 
Personal Best

Club distances
driver: 268 meters
3wood: 230 meters
hybrid/2iron: 220 meters
4 iron: 200 meters
5iron: 190 meters
6iron: 180 meters
7iron: 170 meters
8iron: 160 meters
9iron: 150 meters
pwedge: 140 meters
48 degree: 130 meters
46 degree: 130 meters
52 degree: 110 meters
58 degree: 95 meters

What makes you different?

I am different because in all these years that I have been playing golf I have failed a handful of times, I always push back up and never stop working hard because I have goals and dreams like no other. I'm hard working and very passionate about what I do and extremely devoted to golf. I will never stop working hard even after I reach my goal. Passion drives me.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The reason I want to compete in college is because, they have the best amateur golfers in the world and through that I can better myself and make a name for myself even before I turn professional.

College Goals?

Become worlds best amateur while I'm still in college.
Lower my scoring average to a 69.7
Increase my gpa to a 3.6
Get a degree in the subject I want

Anything else we should know?

Golf and life goals?

My goals in golf are to become the best amateur in the world while still in college and play in a major as an amateur. As well as that, during my college period as a golfer I want to make a difference to my team and become division champions and defend our title for as long as I am there. Furthermore, once I turn professional my goals are to reach the top of the PGA tour winners circle, become number one some day, win many majors and become a golfing household name. Apart from golf my goals, in life I want to become a leading business man while helping young athletes around the world who have less opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams, as I did.