Alessandro Mercurelli

March 22, 2005


About Athlete

My goal is to be able to combine the highest level of sports with the
highest level of academics possible. I believe I got the work ethic, the determination and the
mentality to get great grades and make a difference on the course at the same time.


: Italian 7, economics 9, English 9, maths 6, history 8, physics 7 ; scientific course

Personal Best

264 yds with driver
166 yds with 7 iron

What makes you different?

As lame as it sounds work ethic, mentality and commitment are the characteristics that I think
make me stand out. Because of how late I picked up the game seriously, I’m now optimizing every
single training session and competition. With the objective to get the most out of it. I’m not afraid
of making changes, to face new challenges. For instance, I was struggling with mobility, so I
started working with a physiotherapist, I wasn’t hit it long enough so now I go to the gym twice a
week. That’s how bad I want to achieve my goals.

Why do you want to compete in college?

It is my dream to be able to fit my passion at it’s
highest level possible with good academics in a country I really admire.

College Goals?

Academics wise I want to achieve the highest level of instruction in my range,
sports wise I really want to leave with nothing in the tank. I want to give my best shot both on the
course and in class.