Alessandro Campos Bellirio

July 14, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Alessandro Campos.
I am from Valencia, Venezuela, I have been living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico since 2018. I started playing soccer when I was 4 years old and I realized I wanted to dedicate my future to this sport by the side of my family, friends and the best opportunities to study and compete in a near future.
I love seeing life as a very beautiful opportunity to show everyone that this world is great, we are still more good people here and I love trasmiting good vibes and helping others, I see my team as a family through good and bad moments, and always look for improving as a team.
I chose this sport because my father introduced me to sports very young, as he is a former college tennis player in USA, He is also the Tennis Head Coach at Witt Academy in Merida, and actual Venezuela’n Davis Cup Team Captain.
I have gone to a long process of contructing my soccer career with a lot of effort, sweat and training. There have been, a lot of games that have helped me to aquire the experience that I have today, I also considere myself a very physical conditioned, fast and smart athlete.



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Valencia, Venezuela:
Seca Sports (2011-2018) Junior Division (Played as Midfielder)

Merida Yucatan, Mexico:
Merida Rush Soccer Club (2018-2019) Played as Midfielder as Captain
Cantera Venados FC (2019-2023) U13, U15, U17 and 3rd Professional Division (Play as Midfielder and selected as Captain some games)


Valencia Venezuela:

  • Seca Sports; State Champions 2016-2017
  • Seca Sports; State Champions 2017-2018

Merida Yucatan Mexico:

  • Venados FC; Copa Maya Champions 2019
  • Venados FC; Champagnate Cup Champions 2022
  • Venados FC; South East Regional Champions 2022
Additional sporting info

Venados FC:
Started playing U13 as a Youth Team, and over the years I achived the opportunity to play 3rd Professional Division. We also played one national tournament in Toluca for winning the SE Regionals in 2022. We are always competing in local and regional Tournaments in which we have obtained great results.

Personal Best

- U17 season 2022/2023; 18 games - 6 goals - 10 assists
- I had the chance of training with the 1st Profesional Team (Venados F.C) that plays 2nd Pro Division in Mexico (Liga de Expansion), as a merit of my performance during trainings and games.
- Regionals All Championship Best Team.
- Most Assists player in Regional Championship 2022/2023
- Scored the SE Championship goal at Regionals Final U15
- Scored the Champagnat Championship Final goal U15

What makes you different?

I am a very commited player and I'm ready to contribute to the team and the institution, being passion for the game and for everything I do in life, and extra work is always necessary for good results. Discipline and mindset are the base of success. I'm not affraid of changes and I adapt myself very well, I look foward to meet new challenges. Family is the most important factor of life and my team becames that to me. Love and Heart are basic fundaments for doing what I love.
I am ambidextrous player that can protect the ball and make good passes, and playing as a good teammate makes the diference.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I think college is a great opportunity for me, for my sports and academic career, it would help me a lot to continue growing as a player and most important as a person, college would prepare me for the future to achieve my dreams and goals of being a prefessional player or instead became a succesful businessman. I am sure that I would adapt very well to the whole system and the team that I will play, I would love to live this experience because I know that I will take full advantage of it.

College Goals?

My first goal is to graduate, as mentioned before it will give me the best tools for dealing with real life as a person. Also I will fight everyday to achive a NCAA D1 to get the best opportunities as a player and building great team, I will love to lead my team to be the best in Conference and dreaming with a National Championship, I am completely sure my name will be part of the History of the institution I will proudly represent.

Anything else we should know?

I just want you all to know that my family formed by Mom, Dad and my two little sister and brother are my motor for all this effort I will put on this. As a soccer player I have understand the discipline, sacrifice and compromise are the fundaments of a success athlete that will bring great benefits for my future, I comprimise also myself to represent, respect and love the institution I will reprersent and be the best version of myself as a human being.



Prepanet- Tec de Monterrey

Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey

This have been my High School since 2021, this is an online program and is divided into quarters. Our programs is guided by Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey one of the biggest Universities in the country.




South East Regionals Champions of Mexico

As a team (U15)