About Athlete

My name is Alexander Nunes Vieira, I am an Angolan-born South African/Portuguese Rugby player, I began playing Rugby at the age of 5 when I moved to Portugal, and it has become my passion ever since. I have played for Portugal at U18 level in the 2022 Rugby Europe Championship where we placed 2nd losing out to the hosts Georgia. I am currently in the U20 Academy Squad and have played for the U20s in an exhibition match against current Northern Irish schools cup champions Methodist College. I play club rugby at GDS Cascais Rugby Club in Portugal. I am in my last year of high school and will graduate at the end of 2023 and would like to enrol in university around the fall of 2024 as I would like to take a gap to better my myself and my rugby. To further develop my rugby and to have an experience that I have always wanted to have I am attending SACS High School in Cape Town, South Africa for my last year of school, one of the oldest schools in the country with a rich rugby tradition. I will be boarding at the school and will be living there without my family so I am hoping I will have some great experiences, which will not only grow my rugby but me as a person and develop my character. My Goal is to play high-level D1 Rugby at an NCAA University and grow my rugby and also graduate with an undergraduate degree. I would like to have the USA College experience while continuing to pursue my rugby career as I have aspirations to play for Portugal again at U20 and Senior Level and to be able to play in a Rugby World Cup in the future. I also want to grow as a person and want to set not only high academic standards but personal ones too as I am passionate about following a career path in which I can help people which has made me think about studying for a degree in the lines of Development Studies, Education, Business or Philosophy to have a wide reach in opportunities.


Predicted; 3.5 GPA
A Levels;
- Economics (Haven't Sat the Exam Yet → May/June '23)
- Business Studies (Haven't Sat the Exam Yet → Nov/Dec '23)
- Sociology (Haven't Sat the Exam Yet → Nov/Dec '23 )
- English Language (A)
- Business Studies (A)
- Additional Mathematics (B+)
- Double Award Science (B+)(B)
→ Chemistry
→ Physics
→ Biology
- History (B)

SAT Total Score
Writing SAT in June 2023
TOEFL Total Score
ACT Score

SACS 1st & 2nd XV - 2023
Portugal U20 - 2022-23
Portugal U18 - 2022
GDS Cascais Rugby U18 & Men's Team 2021-23
JAGUAR Rugby U14/U18 2020-21
St. Julian's Rugby Club U8/U18 - 2010-20

Additional sporting info

St. Julian's Rugby Club U16/18 Captain 2018-2020
JAGUAR Rugby U16/U18 Captain 2019- 2021
GDS Cascais Rugby Club U19 Vice-Captain 2022

Personal Best

As of the 7th of December 2022

1RM Power Clean: 100kg
5RM Bench Press: 115kg
5RM Pull-Ups: 25kg
AMRAP BW Chin-Ups: 15
5RM Dips: 37.5kg

5RM Back Squat: 160kg
5RM Trap-bar Deadlift: 220kg

Bronco Time: 5mins 05s

What makes you different?

I am fortunate enough to have represented one of my countries and have been able to experience playing high-level international rugby, But I have made it to where I am not by sheer talent alone but by work ethic and heart and this is what I bring to the table. Being born in Angola to South African/Portuguese Parents I was always pushed to work hard, and when I left Angola/South Africa at the age of 6 I immediately joined a rugby club when we arrived in Portugal. Now I have 13 years of Rugby experience, and in this time I have evolved into a passionate leader who always gives everything on and off the field.
I have a reputation for putting my body on the line for my teammates and I am always willing to give my all. I am constantly striving to improve and I never feel content with my level which always leaves me wanting more.

However, I believe that I am not only a valuable sports applicant but an overall very great asset to any university.

At the age of 15, I founded BGA ( which is one of my greatest passions in life and allows me and every other learner to reach our full potential every day. I see BGA as the future of education and I am so proud to have been a part of this great education revolution from the very beginning and hope to continue working at giving every learner around the world the right learning experience for them to pursue their dreams and passions.

I am a 'Verified Artist' on Spotify and have produced, written, and released an original Song called Fool, I am planning on releasing an album by the end of 2023.
I used to be a part of a band that performed annually at a concert in front of hundreds of people called 'Teen Alive Aid' in Portugal, we performed alongside famous artists such as 'April Ivy'.
As a solo artist, I have performed in a few business openings playing guitar or drums and singing original and cover songs.
I am in my church's worship band and every weekend I don't have a rugby game I play and sing there. I also volunteer as a creche teacher on Sundays at my church at least twice a month.

I also volunteer in a foundation in my hometown of Cascais called 'Oh Gui' where we use rugby as a way to help people suffering from mental and physical disabilities by getting them to run and enjoy physical activity and interact with new people. I was also a strong force in the implementation of this project into BGA as an optional community activity that encourages other learners to join.

I am the founder of my school's student council and a main leader.
I am also the inter-school captain of my school's Soccer team as well as our reigning inter-school Volleyball and Touch rugby Champion.

I have worked part-time in various jobs such as a waiter at a coffee shop, event manager and coordinator at Tim's Garage (A well-known Bar/Museum in Portugal) and every summer I work on a raspberry plantation for 2 months.

I also used to have a great passion for acting and have so far appeared in the award-winning Drama film 'Carga' which is on HBO.

I also like to call myself an adventurer and have been to every continent except Antarctica (one day), and have gone on numerous adventures travelling the world the most impressive ones so far have been;
In 2022 I spent a month in the US between North Carolina, and Florida and then took a train up to New York, It was a work trip with my father where we travelled around opening BGA Hubs, finding potential locations, and interviewing potential staff. It was an incredible trip where I learned a lot about the real world and how to be an entrepreneur and work life.
In 2019, 11 countries in 118 days. My family and I travelled around the world by aeroplane, train, car, caravan, and camel. (Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada).
In 2018 my Grandfather, Father, brother and I drove from Lisbon, Portugal to Prague, Czechia on a Vespa Scooter. We passed through Spain, France, and Germany on their way. Then from Prague, we shipped the scooter back to Lisbon and caught a flight to Moscow, Russia from there we drove around another 700km to a city called Saransk where we watched Portugal Vs Iran in the Football World Cup.
Also in 2018, My father, brother and I Sailed on the Santa Maria Manuela, a Portuguese four-masted schooner from Lisbon to the Madeira Islands.
In 2014 my family and I drove across the US from East to West and back again in 3 months stopping along to experience countless adventures.
Also in 2014, we did the famous Wainwright’s Route: Coast to Coast Walk in the UK which was around 2 months.

I am currently in South Africa by myself without my family living out my dream of playing schoolboy rugby and living in Cape Town, I am attending SACS High School in Cape Town as a boarder while simultaneously doing school at BGA through its online platform to write A-Level exams.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete at the college level as I feel it would be a great way for me to make new experiences and grow as a person on and off the field. I have been fortunate enough to visit the US and I would love to be able to experience the college experience, I am an adventure-fueled person who loves to travel and dive into different cultures and am always a fan of challenges and I feel studying abroad would open up my mindset. I also feel that rugby in the US is growing and the level is getting higher, I want to compete in a high-level environment where I can become a better player, and the opportunity for exposure and to go pro with the introduction of the MLR is also very enticing.

College Goals?

To play High-level Rugby and compete at the National level, to Study a Degree that I am passionate about and to make friends and enjoy a different experience which will help me grow and develop.

Anything else we should know?

I am always willing to improve and work harder and give my utmost for the team and university.
I believe I have a very unique background and story which has made me very good at adapting and problem solving which would make me a great asset to wherever I go, on and off the field.



Brave Generation Academy (BGA)

'IGCSE' & 'A Levels' I am a Founder/Founding Student of Brave Generation Academy. Clubs & Societies; - Founder and Lead Member of the Student Council - Founder of the Debate Club - Captain of the Inter-House Football, Volleyball & Touch Rugby Team - Captain of the Beach Rugby Team - Founder of the Volunteering Program


SACS High School

South African College School - Cape Town, South Africa

In March of 2023, I left for South Africa by myself without my family living out my dream of playing schoolboy rugby and living in Cape Town, I am attending SACS High School as a boarder for my last year of school, the oldest school in the country with a very rich rugby tradition producing 27 Springboks, including 2007 World Cup Winner Percy Montgomery. I am attending the school while simultaneously doing school at BGA through its online platform to write my A-Level exams. I study online in the library during school hours, attending a few classes just for fun such as my favourite subject history. Clubs & Societies; - Rugby - Christian Student Union - Rock, Pop & Trio Band (I am also on the Band Committee, the lead representatives of each of the school's bands get together to organise and discuss how to improve the SACS music departments bands) - Interact Club (School Volunteering Program)


St. Julian's School

International British School - Carcavelos, Portugal

Clubs & Societies; - Drama - Model UN - Music - House Athletics (Javelin, Shot Put & Relay) - Band




2nd Place - 2022 Rugby Europe U18 Championship

An incredible honour to have been able to represent my country and make the final against the defending champions, Georgia. We were truly stepping into a David Vs Goliath story as we were facing a Georgian Side who hadn't conceded a try in 4 years and no points at all in 3 and that's why when we scored the opening try of the game we were finally taken seriously and in the first minutes of the game we were leading 3-10. However, as the game went on the size of the Georgians began to build up on us as we conceded tries off pick and go's and their famous maul. Being able to gain the respect of the home crowd was an amazing experience and in the final minutes, we could even hear them chanting for us. Even though we lost we got further than many people thought we could and I was able to learn a lot as I was made the starting hooker throughout the tournament I played a lead role in the team and made lifelong friends as well.

GDS Cascais Rugby Award for Leadership and Example

After moving to Cascais which is one the best clubs in the country from my old and first club which was smaller I went from the captain to a stranger. However in my first season, I was able to do more than most people can do through my work ethic I made the first team and played a pivotal role in the squad, I was named vice-captain during the middle of the season and the club embraced me as one of their own. I am now fighting for a role in the main senior team, we are annual contenders for the national championship.

Brave Generation Academy Beach Rugby MVP

Captain of my school beach rugby team which competes in an annual beach rugby tournament where the best players in the country compete on the sand as the official season is on break.

Ericeira Beach Rugby Tournament Tackle of the Tournament

I was awarded tackle of the tournament by officials as I performed a crunching dump tackle in the semi-finals

St. Julian's Rugby Club U18 Player's Player

This award is given to the player by players, at the end of the season all the players get together and vote for a particular player who they feel encompasses the values and attributes of a rugby player and it is a very special honour.

National League Champion U14 Runner-ups

Even though this took place a few years ago at U14 level I have chosen to add it to the list as it means a great deal to me. In Portugal, there are 6 big clubs that compete for everything and if you are not in any of those clubs people don't take you seriously as a contender so being a part of a small English club that is mostly made of ex-pats that live in Portugal no one ever thought much of us although this season we proved them wrong as we smashed through the competition and made it to the finals against the biggest club in the country, Direito, and lost in the final minutes to a controversial penalty kick. We showed heart at talent and people began to show more respect to this small club

Tapada Sevens Champions U14

After suffering the loss in the finals a few months before we found ourselves in yet another final against the champions however this time there was a different ending and went home national sevens champions.

Captain of the invitational side JAGUAR Rugby

I am very honoured to have been chosen as Captain for this team as it was an invitational squad made up of the best players from two clubs; St. Julian's Rugby Club & Galiza Rugby Club. I competed for the squad from U14 to U18 level where we would join to play at the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival which is known as "the greatest European rugby tournament" and features international teams such as Bath Rugby, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Wasps Academy, London Welsh, Myerscough College along with several Portuguese and Spanish teams and others from all over the world even from the USA. I have competed in this tournament every year since 2018 with the JAGUAR's and when I moved to Cascais Rugby I competed for them twice in 2021 and 2022.

Arts & Culture Award - St. Julian's School

Awarded to a small number of students who demonstrate a passion for Arts and Culture. I received the award for my achievements in Music and Theatre.

Gala do Desporto de Cascais 2023

Honoured to have been presented the award by the town of Cascais for Sport and distinction in the field of rugby at the 2023 Cascais Sports Gala.