Alexander Hoerner

September 27, 2005


About Athlete

Greetings, I am Alexander Hoerner, a 17-year-old golfer hailing from Germany. I finished school this year with my high school diploma (Abitur) and I`m currently fully focused on golf. My next goal is to play college golf to play with and against the best amateurs in the world while getting a high level academic education.




Golfclub Hösel Mens Team (since 2021) (1st Division Team)

Tournament Place Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
National Championship Men 44th 74 72 78 MC
State Championship Men 17th 73 75 78
International Junior Golf Masters 8th 74 cancelled 72
German International Youth Trophy 1st 68 (-4) 72 67 (-5)
National Championship Vorausscheid 16th 71 73 69 (-1)
International Junior Golf Masters 29th 81 77 74
State Championship Boys 5th 73 74
European Juniors International Boys 9th 73 76 70 (-1)
State Championship Boys 13th 77 73
Portugese Intercollegiate Championship 25th 84 83 79
Tournament Place Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
International Junior Golf Masters 3rd 74 70 (-2) 68 (-4)
National Championship Boys 19th 73 71 (-2) 69 (-4)
Möbel Hesse Junior International 3rd 70 (-1) 71 74
National Championship Vorausscheid 11th 74 75 81
German Junior Rhein/ Ruhr Masters 3rd 77 69 (-2) 71
 National Championship Team Qualification 1st 71 (-1)
 State Championship Boys 3rd 76 70 (-2)


Club Distances (Total) (Meters)

Driver - 280m (305 yards)

Iron 6 - 175m (190 yards)

Additional sporting info

I started playing tennis and handball when I was 5 years old. I have been playing golf since I was 11
years old. I stopped playing tennis when I was 12 to have more time for golf. I still played handball (in
winter) until I was 14 years old. Through tennis and handball I learned early to play for myself
(tennis) but also to be a good team player (handball). So today I can focus strongly on my game
without neglecting the team and support my team mates.
I train 5 days a week on the golf course. Either with the team or my personal trainer, sometimes alone. You can also find me in the gym on a regular basis.
Additionally, I have regular appointments with my physio therapist and my mental coach.

Personal Best

- 1st Place at International German Youth Trophy (WAGR) with a total of -9 in 3 Rounds

--> 1st Round 68 (-4)
--> 2nd Round 72 (Par)
--> 3rd Round 67 (-5)

- Playing in the German Bundesliga for Golfclub Hösel

- EGA Rankings: 833 (September 2023)

- WAGR: 3721 (September 2023)

What makes you different?

I've been dedicated to golf since the age of 11, a relatively short timeframe compared to many players at my age and skill level. This unique journey reflects untapped potential and room for growth, particularly in gaining valuable experience.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My aspiration is to compete against some of the world's most accomplished amateurs. The opportunity to do so lies in joining a college golf program. Moreover, college golf offers a platform to simultaneously pursue my education and enhance my golfing prowess.

College Goals?

My overarching objectives encompass personal and athletic growth. I aim to evolve both as a golfer and as an individual. In tandem, I'm committed to achieving a strong college degree to secure a well-rounded future.