Alfie Joe Storer

December 22, 2003


About Athlete

My objective is to do everything in my power in order to become a professional golfer. Along with hard work and determination on the golf course, I carry both of these attributes off the golf course and into the classroom.


Current Handicap: +0.2

Scoring Average: 73.6



  • England schools final 2018
  • Leeds schools U16s - win
  • Faldo North 2018/19
  • Yorkshire boys 2018/19
  • Represent Leeds 2018/19


  • Train with Yorkshire boys U18s 2019/20
  • Faldo series | Kedleston park | First round: Level par |Second round: 4 over par | Third round: 2 over par | 6 over overall | Place: 4th in the U18
  • Represented Yorkshire under 18s 
  • Finished 33rd out of 150 in the men’s Yorkshire Amateur


  • Junior European Open qualifier: 1st (level par - 72)
  • Yorkshire under 18s: T4th (70,75)

Club distancing

58 degree wedge: 90 yards

54 degree wedge: 105 yards

50 degree wedge: 125 yards

PW: 140 yards

9I: 150 yards

8I: 160 yards

7I: 170 yards

6I: 180 yards

5I: 190 yards

4I: 200 yards

2I: 230 yards

5 wood: 240 yards

Driver: 275 yards

Additional sporting info

I have a very good record in the bleep test. I received the top score out of my entire year in my school. I am a very keen runner and during my time in lockdown, I have worked up to running a half-marathon in just 1 hour and 40 minutes. This shows my high level of fitness and why I don’t get tired towards the end of 3 round tournaments or coming down the ‘stretch’.

What makes you different?

I have many positive attributes including enthusiasm and resilience. What makes me different is determination and drive. I am surrounded by a large group of golfers at my home club ranging from handicaps of 5 down to +4 including a number of professionals. I am playing with all of these golfers better than me and yet, I am always the first there and the last to go. This is one of the things I pride myself on and no one I train with practices harder than me or is in the gym longer.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My ultimate goal in golf is to make it as successful professional golfer. I believe playing around better and more experienced players than me is what is going to get me to the next level. College golf will give me the best chance of playing with the best amateur golfers in the world along with playing on challenging courses. Furthermore, the structure of a college day suits me perfectly by waking up early and getting in the gym to practicing until the sun comes down after classes.

College Goals?

My college goals are to consistently play in the traveling team every week in order to be surrounded by the top college golfers. As time goes on I hope my score average will come down considerably from when I begin. I will achieve this by working hard and training harder.

Anything else we should know?

I used to play football for Bradford City Academy at a younger age for 2 years. This gave me experience of playing sport at an elite level and taught me many lessons early on in my life including discipline, teamwork and managing pressure. There were always coaches and different people watching my performances which helped me to learn to deal with a lot of pressure while still playing at my optimum level.