Ana Elena Kusters

February 11, 2003


About Athlete

Combining academics and sport in excellent and stimulating environment. In both fields performing to the best of my abilities with top coaches and top teachers.


Represented Belgium (girls) in the Junior Open (2018)
in St.-Andrews

Belgium team quadrangular 2018


Overview competitions 2012-2019 <download> 



Grand Prix De Lille (France): 75-77, 1st

Federal Junior Tour: 78-74-76, 2nd

European Junior Tour(Spain): 74-76-…, 2nd(overall boys&girls)

Thomas Pieters Junior Open of Flanders: 77-81-71, 2nd (U16)

Grand King’s Prize: 78-77, 3rd (U16)

prix National junior championship: 75-83-75-79, 4th (U16)

De Brigode (France): 79-72, 7th

Amateur Open of Flanders: 81-80-78, 10th


La Bruyère Junior Open: 81-80, 1st

AFGolf Junior Open: 83-77-74, 1st (U16), (3d girls overall)

Grand Prix AFGolf: 77-78-76, 3d (U16)

National Junior Championship: 77-72-77-83, 4th


Grand Prix de Béthemont (France): 82-73, 1st

Winge Junior Open: 93-86, 1st


Club competition: 49 points stableford (hcp 36  29,5)

Club distances carry (11 April 2019)

Driver: 180,5m

3wood: 169,7m

5wood: 160m

5iron: 149,4m

6iron: 135,6m

7iron: 123,7m

8iron: 113,7m

9iron: 103,3m

P: 94,4m

52°: 81,4m

56°: 59,7m

Awards, press

Club champion 2019

Winner Grand prix de Béthemont and Lille

What makes you different?

I am always myself: open-minded and always receptive for advice. Perseverance and stamina are my strong points. I’m also caring and have a good sense of reality.

Why do you want to compete in college?

It allows me to study at a very high level whilst playing high level golf and to experience golf more as a team sport.

College Goals?

I want to get a good degree to have a bright future.
Help my future team to achieve the best possible results.
For both goals I will give the best of me.

Anything else we should know?

Music - flute (graduating 2021)