Ana Maria Pinzón, Saavedra

June 10, 2006


About Athlete

I started my sports life at the age of 6, and since then I have always aspired to play and study abroad at a high level. I know that with my sporting abilities and as a person I will be able to contribute to any team. 



SAT Total Score
August 26 2023
TOEFL Total Score
September 23 2023

Club deportivo Formas Intimas
School team
Antioquia selection
Academia de crespo ( Boys team)


Pony futbol Colombia  Copa Win sports, (Most important National tournament)  Baby Futbol ( International) Departamental league National tournament Difutbol National Cup Formas intimas  Copa Gatorade Biggest strengths within your game:

  • Speed
  • good crosses from the side
  • 1 v1 in attack
  • 1v1 n defense
  • good attacking projection
  • agility
  • good athletic condition
  • Palmira National Tournament
  • British international games
  • Cumbres international up
  • Copa Nosotras
  • Conmebol

Fitness tests:

  • leger test: level 9
  • acceleration test in 5 and 10 mts: 1.31 milliseconds ( top time in the team)
  • prehensile strength: 1.01
  • speed test: top time in the team

Additional videos

Additional sporting info

I started playing as a striker, nowadays I play more on the wings because of my speed.

Personal Best

Athlete of the Year in 2015 with the boy's team
3 Press articles
MVP in the opening match in the international baby futbol tournament.
Top scorer copa nosotras ( 2020,2022)
Top scorer Departmental league ( 2022,2023)
Top scorer British international games
Top scorer cumbres international cup

What makes you different?

During my life I have always been traveling and changing environments and whenever I arrive to new places I always manage to adapt quickly, I have been through many teams and academies, and in all of them I manage to contribute something that stays there forever. that is what makes me unique.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I always want to achieve more and more and this would be my next step to follow. Because I know that at that stage of my life, I would build a new me both as an athlete and as a person and professional. I want to compete at a higher level than I already do. I also want to learn different styles of play and people that will contribute to my growth.

College Goals?

Learn different styles of play and people that will contribute to my growth. To understand about different cultures and to know how to face the hard situations that life will put me in. I want to be the best at what I do.

Anything else we should know?

I hope to leave my mark and be remembered for my quality as a player and as a person.



Colegio Cumbres Medellín

High School graduation 2024