Ana Paulina Aldana Leonardo

June 30, 2022


About Athlete

I started playing golf when I was 9 years old and I always want to study in a university in the US. Golf is my passion and it has taught me a lot of values like patience, hard work, compromise, etc. With that values I believe that I can add a lot to a college team.


Math: 73
Physics: 61
Philosophy: 80
Social Studies: 76
Computing: 87
German: 76
English: 90
PE: 97
Dance: 99
Projects: 87
Year average 2019: 80
In Guatemala the grades are over 100.



  • Central America Tournament in Guatemala 86-84-79-90


  • Central America Tournament in Guatemala 88-84-85-88
  • Annika invitational Latin America Argentina 93-85-88


  • Central America Tournament in El Salvador 88-93
  • Junior Open Eden Course Scotland 88-93
  • Annika Invitational Latin America Argentina 88-87-89
  • US Kids Mexico City 83-78-83-86
  • National Championship in Guatemala 86-78-83-86


  • Central America Tournament in Panama 88-90-86-92
  • US Kids European Championship East Lothian Scotland 83-80-80
  • Annika Invitational Latin America Uruguay 83-96-83
  • National Championship in Guatemala 81-83-83

Driver: 210 yds

3 wood: 185 yds

5 wood: 170 yds

4 hybrid: 160 yds

5 hybrid: 150 yds

6 iron: 140 yds

7 iron: 130 yds

8 iron: 120 yds

9 iron: 110 yds

PW: 100 yds

56 wedge: 75 yds

54 wedge: 65 yds

What makes you different?

Over the years I have learned little by little to control my nerves academically and in golf. I have played in different conditions and reached smaller goals along the way.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Since I started playing golf my goal has always been to go to compete in college golf. Getting the education of the career I want and competing is a dream that I want to come true. I want to live the experience to be better as a player and a person.

College Goals?

I want to improve every aspect of my game to a strong level to win tournaments. I want to get a good degree and at the same time work hard with the team.

Anything else we should know?

I like to travel and meet new places and cultures. I hope to find good people and a coach who can gain my confidence and bring out the best in me in golf and college experience.