Andrea García Jiménez

November 23, 2005

About Athlete

Hi, I’m Andrea Garcia, a passionate Mexican swimmer who has dedicated her life to achieving diverse goals and objectives. In my journey as a student-athlete, I have learned the essential importance of resilience and discipline, especially in the face of challenges and failures, which I see as opportunities to grow and improve.

One of my biggest dreams is to compete in the Olympics, a driving force that has driven me since the beginning of my career. Along with this journey, my goal for college is to enter a challenging and competitive environment that will allow me to achieve new things in my athletic, academic, and social skills.

I yearn not only for my own success, but also to proudly and respectfully carry the name of my future university into the international arena. Together, as a team, we will prove that hard work and passion are the formula that will take us to unimaginable places and allow us to leave an indelible mark on this exciting journey.


3.5 +


Blue Lions Aquatic ( 2014 - 2015 )
STOP SWIMMING ( 2015 - 2017 )
Carril 4to ( August 2017 - Current year )

Additional sporting info

I am an enthusiastic swimmer with a solid background in the world of swimming. From an early age, my love for the water propelled me to swim professionally, and over the years, I have accumulated valuable experiences and learnings as an athlete. Although I participated in other sports during my youth, such as basketball, which gave me a broader understanding of various contexts and values, my true passion has always been swimming. I have had the opportunity to compete in high level events, where I have managed to stand out in the top positions, which has allowed me to progressively advance in my sporting goals.

Personal Best

50 S Free - 28.87
50 L Free - 29. 18
100 S Free - 1.02.05
100 L Free - 1.03.97
200 S Free - 2.11.32
200 L Free - 2.15.52
400 S Free - 4.36.02
400 L Free - 4.39.53
50 S Breast - 33.67
50 L Breast - 34.60
100 S Breast - 1.14.88
100 L Breast - 1.16.89
200 S Breast - 2.43.23
200 L Breast - 2.47.10
50 S Back - 31.80
50 L Back - 32.15
100 S Back - 1.07.67

What makes you different?

My uniqueness it’s formed from a fusion of elements that define my life in multiple facets. In sports, I stand out for my relentless focus on goals, a burning passion for my discipline, and an unwavering determination that drives me to constantly push limits. I not only compete with others, but also challenge myself, which provides me with great opportunities for growth and learning. In my academic life, my commitment to excellence is evident. My relentless work ethic drives me to constantly strive to excel and not settle. I value education as a powerful tool to shape my future and achieve my dreams. My personal values are fundamental to my character, instilled by my parents from the beginning and present in all aspects of my life.

The road I have traveled to this point has been challenging, but my determination and passion have driven me to overcome obstacles. As I move forward, I know I will face new challenges, but my steadfastness to my values and focus on personal growth will guide me to a bright future. My uniqueness is my greatest strength, and with it, I am ready to keep moving forward.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college with a strong desire to learn and hone my skills in the sport, being part of a high-level varsity team. My goal is to achieve mutual benefit, where the institution will benefit from my commitment and athletic performance, while I can take full advantage of one of the most outstanding athletic programs to reach my full potential. I am excited for the opportunity to interact with other outstanding athletes and coaches, sharing ideas and enriching my learning. Representing a renowned university would be an honor and an important step toward my dream of achieving excellence in both my athletic discipline and in my academic training and personal development.

College Goals?

My main aspiration is to secure admission to an American university, where I would commit myself fully to both my studies and my athletic development. I seek to excel in both areas, achieving outstanding performance in both athletic competition and academic achievement. Additionally, I hope to form new friendships, live enriching experiences, and raise the prestige of my institution at an international level.