Andreina Buonafina

March 3, 2006


About Athlete

Hi! My name is Andreína Buonafina, I am a softball player from Guatemala. My goal for a scholarship and my college experience is to improve my academic and sports level, take it to a more competitive level and to continue growing as an athlete and professional. I’ve played softball and baseball since I was 8 years, but since 2019 I have dedicated myself only to my career in softball, which opened many doors for me. Since 2019 I have been part of the national youth team of Guatemala, until mid-May 2022 I’m part of the national team of Guatemala. I have been able to be in several national and international championships with the pleasure of representing my country. As for my personality, I am a very sociable person, I like to be a productive person, I am quite disciplined, constant, focused, and dedicated person.



SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score
ACT Score

2022 Guatemala National Team
2020-2023 Rodio Swissboring (Actual Softball Team)
2019-2022 Guatemala Youth National Softball Team
2019 Celco
2018 Bulldogs
2017 Ragazze
2016 Bulldogs (Baseball Team)
2015 Girls Slam
2015 Cachorros (Baseball Team)


- 2019: V South American Softball Championship U15 Lima (Peru)
- 2021: X Central American Major Championship GTC (Guatemala)
- 2022: XV South American Major Championship Buenos Aires (Argentina)
- 2022: II Championship in El Salvador San Salvador (El Salvador)
- 2022: XV Pan American Major Championship GTC (Guatemala)
- 2023: XXIV Central Americans and Caribbean Championship San Salvador (El Salvador)
And if God allows it, there are still more to come!

Additional sporting info

Extra information about my sports life is that I train from Monday to Saturday, even some Sundays, I am a constant player in my training both on the field, at gym, or pitching, I really like working with the triad, which would be my psychologist, my physiotherapist and my nutritionist, due to the great changes and improvements I have managed to have during these years of work. I really like the time I dedicate to softball and especially to seeing the results when it comes to Championships and games.

Personal Best

Guatemala National softball player.

What makes you different?

What makes me different from many other athletes is that I like challenges, to improve myself every day more and see what I can achieve. I really like teamwork, especially the union I can have with my coaches, coaching staff, and teammates. I am a very disciplined person and dedicated to everything I do, I really like to give more than 100% in my training, matches and in my studies. I like to learn new things, meet new things, places and people, especially new customs. I'm the kind of person who likes to listen to people and especially try to understand them. I like the idea to have dreams and goals and do everything possible to achieve them, to see the results that my effort gives and the love I put into everything I put into I do, not give up no matter how difficult and tired it is to overcome the obstacle and still move forward doing what I like and enjoy doing. For me playing sports, especially softball, is a form of self-improvement and a life lesson, where I can see that behind all my achievements, there are efforts, sacrifices, and a lot of passion and dedication, and above all that there are no excuses, that when you want you can, and there is nothing that prevents you from doing things you love and enjoy.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because I would love to fulfill one more dream, competing in a college in the USA has been my dream since I started playing softball. It is a way to improve my physical, mental, sports and academic level. This is an opportunity to continue competing in softball in a more supported way and at another sporting level, and at the same time without neglecting my studies and my future work. It is a way to acquire new techniques, new experiences, new knowledge, and better opportunities, to open a field in the world of sports in the USA.

College Goals?

My goals for college are very varied, but with the same objective, to do what I like the most. My vision for college is to opt for the career I like the most (Psychology with orientation in sports) and at the same time practice softball. In softball, my goals are to keep improving, to play many collegiate championships, make my future team in the USA as a new family and a new home. About my career, my goals are to have the best grades possible, and to be punctual in assignments or jobs, and graduate and obtain my university degree.

Anything else we should know?




Bachelors in science and letters.

School Jesus Rey de Gloria

I'm in my last year of schooling!




Slugging Leader

I won the title and trophy of "Slugging leader" in the National championship in Guatemala, with 1.036 average.

Champion Bat

I won the title and trophy of "Champion Bat" in the National championship in Guatemala, with 0.589 average.

Homerun Derby

I won the third place in the Baseball Homerun Derby in the National League in Guatemala.

2nd Place in National League

With the team called Ragazze, we won the second place for two consecutive years.

3rd Place in National League

With my actual team call Rodio Swissboring, we have won the third place in National League in Guatemala for three consecutive years, but we continue fighting to move up ranks.