Andres Grisales

January 31, 2002


About Athlete

I was born in 2002 into a beautiful family. Since I was little they have always inculcated in me soccer and study. I started playing at the age 5 at a club near my house. This is were I grew more love for soccer and sports. I have always had several goals in my life, I consider myself a person who fights for his dreams until the last moments, while also being someone quite disciplined. I am a good human being, respectful and with good values ​​since I was little. Two of my biggest goals in life are to be a professional soccer player and have a career.


Academic Bachelor of Gimnasio Campestre Marie Curie (one of the best 300 schools in Colombia certified by the highest entity of the Colombian state in education)

I earned half a scholarship each year during my school education
because of my good academic results.

During 10th grade I started my graduation thesis, it was research about solar panels with 3 of my classmates, it now gives enough energy to charge 8 mobile devices, we earned 2nd place in the school’s science fair, and we also got the chance to be invited to a university (Universidad Agustiniana), Expociencia and Redcolsi science fairs here in Bogotá.

At the British council of Colombia a got an English language certificate of completion as a Senior Upper-Intermediate level.

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score


- 2007/2011: I started my sports career in the club Futuras Estrellas, where I played small tournaments in Bogotá.

- 2012/2013: I changed club for another called Talents F C, there I played the Bogota league for the first time in the Ascent category and I was champion in a tournament in Cota.

- 2014: Enter Caterpillar Motors, where in my first year I played a tournament in a military club. I also played some games with the soccer team of the teachers of my school. (Caterpillar Motors) Matches played: 8 Position: Forward (0 goals) (Teachers' soccer team) Matches played: 4 Position: Forward (2 goals)

- 2015: Starting the year I had tests to participate in the teams that played league in Bogota, I was chosen only with three teammates to play in the Ascent category, that year the team became champion for the first time of the league in that category and I played in the team of my school the tournament Superate Intercollegiate, there we went to the final but we lost . I also played a tournament in Medellín (Medellín soccer cup) and because of my good performance during the year, I went up in category to play in the elite category, which is the highest edition at my age.

(Liga de Bogotá) Matches played: 20 Position: Forward (14 goals) (Medellin soccer cup) Matches played: 4 Position: Forward (1 goals) (Superate Intercollegiate) Matches played: 5 Position Midfielder Attack (2 goals)

- 2016: Starting the year I played the La Gaitana tournament in Bogotá, then the Bogota soccer league in the Elite category, I also trained for three weeks with the Bogotá team. In the course of the year I played the tournament Superate Intercollegiate with my school team, where for my good performance I was summoned by the champion team in my town to represent Mosquera in the following phases, where we were eliminated and we were the best second at the state level. That same year I played a tournament in Cartagena with Caterpillar Motors.

(La Gaitana) Matches played: 3 Position: Forward (0 goals) (Liga de Bogotá) Matches played: 15 Position: Midfielder Defensive / Left wing (1 goal) (Superate Intercollegiate) Matches played: 12 Position: Forward / Midfielder Attack (19 goals) (Cartagena Tournament) Matches played: 4 Position: Forward (0 goals)

- 2017: I decided to change my league for an offer made by Professor Arturo Riaño, I transferred to the Cundinamarca soccer league a team called Mosquera FC, there I played with the U-17 team the national interclub tournament, the league of Cundinamarca with the sub-17 category and a tournament in Madrid with the sub-15 category. I also did tests with the Cundinamarca team (it is a team with the best players of my state), where I passed but unfortunately I could not play, because I had not met the time limit to play the national interleague tournament.

(National Interclub Tournament): Matches played: 8 Position: Midfielder Defensive (1 goals) (Liga de Cundinamarca): Matches played: 8 Position: Midfielder Defensive (2 goals) (Tournament in Madrid): Matches played: 5 Position: Midfielder Defensive (7 goals)

- 2018: I started the year recovering from an injury, I was called with the Cundinamarca team but I could not pass because I was still recovering from the injury, there I continued my recovery process with Professor Mauricio Muñoz and I played the national interclubes tournament with Mosquera FC in the sub-17 category and the league of Cundinamarca, halfway through the year I decided to leave the club and continue making personalized trainings with Professor Mauricio Muñoz and also play the Superate Intercollegiate with the school team we lose the semifinal but we won the third place, in September I had the opportunity to train with the sub-20 category of Caterpillar Motors, later I was summoned again by the team of my school to play a tournament in the North of the city, there we were seconds, to the end of the year I was called again to play with the Mosquera team a tournament in Ibague where we were third.

(National Interclub Tournament): Matches played: 6 Position: Midfielder Defensive (0 goals)

(Superate Intercollegiate) : Matches played: 5 Position: Midfielder Defensive (2 goals) (Northern Tournament): Matches played: 5 Position: Midfielder Attack (4 goals) (Tournament in Ibagué): Matches played: 7 Position: Midfielder Defensive (0 goals)

-2019: trip to Canada to improve my English, I attended the Barcelona Academy in Ottawa where the first day of tests was chosen to play in the U17 team to play the Ontario OASL tournament, also win a 35% scholarship. When i came back to Colombia i joined in Academy black and white club located in Chia, I was selected to play with the u-17 team in the national interclub tournament which passed to the next round but unfortunately we loss. Right now I am playing for the U-18 team in the local tournament of chia and also I am playing with the U-23 team in the National interclub Tournament. 

(Pre season in Canada): Matches played: 5 Position: attack midfielder/defensive midfielder 

(3 goals)

(OASL tournament): Matches played: 6 

Position: defensive midfielder (0 goals) 

(U-17 National Interclub tournament): Matches played: 2 Position: defensive midfielder (0 goals) 

(U-23 National Interclub tournament): Matches played: 3 Position: defensive midfielder (0 goals) 

(U-18 Local Tournament): Matches played: 1 Position: attack midfielder (2 goals) 

Note: I want to say that I do not have video of all my games in Canada and also the few ones in Colombia

Teams & Statistics Career wins: 1. league of soccer in Bogotá First place category ascenso 2. Second best departmental team in Cundinamarca 3. Second best team in the North tournament 4. Third best team in Ibague Cup 5. Third beast team in Superate Intercollegiate tournament (two times) 6. Second best team in Superate Intercollegiate tournament 

What makes you different?

I am a very disciplined player and grateful to the coaches who give me the opportunities. My style of play is characterized by a good vision of passes and a good understanding of the matches, I have skill with the ball and I like to play at the first touch. I also consider myself someone who combines physical strength with mental strength, training both every day of my life.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because two of my biggest dreams have been to study a professional career and be a professional soccer player and in the US it is a country where you can combine both, for my sport and personal growth, also for the continuity of my dreams.

College Goals?

My main goal in the university is to be able to study Systems Engineering and obtain the highest possible grades, besides being able to give the best of me to my university team, in order to win university tournaments and representing the team in the best possible way, I also want to be able to do tests in the mls once my studies have finished.

Anything else we should know?

First I am a person who likes big challenges, I am clear about my goals in life and I work every day to fulfill them, if you give me an opportunity on your team I can promise you that I will give the best of me from the training to the matches. In addition to doing my best every season to take the team to the path of glory, I am a player with good sporting experience despite my young age.