Annalie Swanepoel

August 2, 2001

About Athlete

My goal is to complete an academic degree while furthering my sporting career by competing in college golf. I have the motivation to work hard in both areas, in order to improve my skills and to have a positive impact on the college team I represent.


Grade 10 (2017):

Mathematics: 97%

English (home language): 87%

Afrikaans (first additional language): 92%

Physical Science: 94%

Information Technology: 98%

Biology: 90%

Advanced Programme Mathematics: 91%

History: 90%

GCSE (2017):

Afrikaans First Additional Language: A (96%)

Global Perspectives: A (87%)

Cambridge AS Levels (2018):

Mathematics: A (99%)

Physics: A (85%)

Chemistry: A (85%)

Computer Science: A (85%)

English Language: B (75%)

History: B (76%)


What makes you different?

When it comes to playing competitive sport, I have a very strong mind, and a strong sense of motivation, as well as positivity. I also have a good work ethic, and always work hard to find new ways to improve all the aspects of my game. I am also enthusiastic about academics, and am sure that I will be able to balance golf and academics well.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I would like to compete in college golf, as I aspire to play professionally in the future, and I believe that college golf will be a great platform on which to develop my skills. I also enjoy being part of a team, and enjoy meeting new people through golf, who share the same passion and I believe that competing in college golf will present me with many new opportunities to learn and improve my game.

College Goals?


I want to complete a degree in computer science.


I want to work with the coach to develop every aspect of my game, and learn new skills.

I would like to become a well-ranked player in the state/country.

Anything else we should know?

School awards:

Academic honours award

Sport honours award

Other skills/passions: