Anthony Boutros

April 10, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Anthony Boutros and I’m a soccer player from Quebec, Canada. I started playing soccer at the age of 4 and it has been my passion ever since. I’m an extremely hardworking player on and off the pitch. I have this desire to always being the one that works the hardest and the one that’s the best on the pitch. I’m a really technical player and have a great touch on the ball as well as good vision. I create opportunities on the field for my teammates and for myself (1v1s).




AS Brossard : 2011-2019
Current Team: CS Longueuil


Won the league and the playoffs with my college (Aigles Ahuntsic) . So, played in the Men's Soccer National Championship 2023 (CCAA) in Windsor, Ontario.

Additional sporting info

- I went to Spain twice last year to play in an academy and performed really well. Got seen by Granada CF U17/U19 coaches and got the opportunity to train with them for 2 weeks.

- Selected to represent my region (Rive-Sud) in a tournament which contains all the regions of Quebec (TSR) and won it .

Personal Best

- Did a perfect season with 0 losses and 0 draws.

- Went to a red carpet to receive the award of the best 11 of the TSR tournament.

What makes you different?

I am prepared to take big sacrifices and risks to reach my goals, to make the people that support me and that are around me proud.
What really makes me different is that off the field , I make sure that I make the right decisions concerning my diet (a good and balanced one) and my workouts.
I am also a very social and caring person and like to take care of my surroundings.

Why do you want to compete in college?

It’s simple, I want to play at the highest level. It would be amazing to play with and against the best players. Not only would it make me a better player with my feet, but it would make me even stronger mentally.
I also want to pursue my path at the highest level whilst still getting a great education in.
Competing in college would provide me with great opportunities and would make me learn so much not only in football but also in life.
Finally, I just want to learn , have fun, socialize and succeed in college.

College Goals?

I want to win championships and perform well to be able to win individual awards as well !
One of my biggest goals is to be drafted in the MLS SuperDraft. I want to leave college with amazing knowledge acquired and a fun adventure experienced.



College Jean-de-la-Mennais





Eleven Stars

After the TSR tournament which contained 19 teams , they picked out the best eleven of the tournament. I was in the eleven and went to a red carpet to take the award.