Antonio Mazzocco

October 24, 2005


About Athlete

As far back as I can remember sport has been an integral part of my life. My introduction to sport and basketball gave me a new found purpose and changed my life for the better in many regards. Being an athlete has taught me hard work, dedication and discipline are the most important facets to have in life and truly are the factors which better you as a person as well as an athlete.


- St Benedict's College 1st Team
- ESB Academy Tournament Team
- ESB Academy U18 Team
- Combine Academy



  • St Benedict’s College 1st Team ( National Team )
  • ESB Academy Tournament team , 2nd Place U18 JBL Basketball Tournament (Regionals)
  • 1st Place AISJ Tournament , 1st Place U18 ABC League
  • 2nd Place Kearsney College Stayers Tournament ( National Tournament )
  • 1st Place U19 Vale Tournament
  • ABC League All Star , 6th Place Inanda Hoops Tournament
  • 3rd Place St John's Basketball Tournament


  • 13PPG
  • 16RPB
  • 4APG
  • 2BPG

Additional videos

Additional sporting info

I believe I am an extremely different prospect to others with the size I bring to the table and versatility I possess on the court , I am a strong, well rounded , and explosive player that finishes powerfully above the rim and also play on the perimeter where I play the catch and shoot role and various perimeter roles capably.

Personal Best

ABC League All Star 2023

- 13PPG
- 78 FT%
- 4.5APG
- 15RPG
- 2BPG

What makes you different?

I feel I have unique characteristics than most payers and am willing to dedicate an unlimited amount of work to basketball in order to achieve my teams goals and expectation and would anything in order to do so, i set the bar for myself incredibly high that i challenge myself daily to keep up with my high found expectations and goals which i wish to seek for myself in the future.

I am a versatile person who is very adaptable in a realm of different situations and enjoys being put in the spotlight or in adversity to overcome these difficult challenges set in front of me which ultimately will build character and develop resilience within me.

Why do you want to compete in college?

The idea about competing in college is very attractive for me as it opens up a wide range of opportunities in various fields which would benefit my longevity and career path. I feel competing in college would give me great exposure within basketball competing in the highest level playing the best competition at the collegiate level offered worldwide in the US.

I am a competitor by nature and gain a thrill and excitement like no other from competing. Playing at the college level would ultimately be a great level of competition which I would love to be integrated within.

College Goals?

In college I would like to achieve the goal of competing at the highest level possible, gaining every opportunity to better myself as both a basketball player and a student and take every opportunity possible.

I would love to compete in the structures of a collegiate setting and perform at a high level alongside my team.

I have a goal of completing my degree and gaining a degree from college within the business sector which I would then later take on to pursue further later down my career.



Combine Academy

Graduation year 2024

English A+, Math A, American History A+ , Civics A+