Antonio Griesinger de Correa Leite

June 16, 2006


About Athlete

My name is Antonio Griesinger, I’m 17 years old and I’m a waterpolo goalkeeper. My objective for experience is to play high level waterpolo while getting a collage degree. I love this sport and I would like to continue it while getting a US collage degree.




2021-2023 playing for Esporte Clube Pinheiros (ECP)
This year (2023) ill compete in U18, U20 and adult ECP team.

Additional sporting info

I have quick reaction time, great saving techniques, and my quick thinking in the water helps my team organize himself in the defense. Everything will great at performing under pressure and always determine to win.
As well as the desire to win, I’m gathering experience by playing multiple categories such as U18 and U20 and also been the reserve adults goalie helps my performance and experience gaining as a whole.

Personal Best

U18 gold at Brazilian championship (2023)
U16 Bronze at Paulista Championship (2022)
U16 4th at Brazilian championship (2021)
50m in 27s43
100m in 1m05

What makes you different?

I’m always aiming for improvements, being great at socializing and speaking with my teammates it help my team to have mingling in the water and at the same time getting their spirits up.
My work standards is that every time I get in the pool I’ll try to do better than before. That has helped me to have a huge improvement rate.
Academic wise, I’m have participated in a vast variety of academics championships, such as in 2021 I had to create a start up. Currently I’m participating in two economics championships, one being a national championship partner with FGV (a university in Brazil) and a international being the Wharton Global youth program which is a championship provided by University of Pensilvânia.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My desire to compete in college, is to be in high level, short era margin waterpolo. It’s what I’ve ever wanted as a waterpolo goalkeeper

College Goals?

On one hand, I crave to have the best degree possible while still playing my beloved sport.
On the other hand, I want to experience a bond with my teammates that hopefully will last a lifetime. I wish helping a college to win, and feel the urge to win.

Anything else we should know?

I started water polo when I was 15 years old. So I had to step up and dedicate a lot of time to have a spot on the team, and with my mentality and hard work in 2022 I became the 2006 captain. This time with my teammates taught me things that will help my entire life.

I adapt really quickly to new countries because I lived my whole life in France. So when I came back to my country (Brazil) I had to adapt and that’s when I fell in love with waterpolo and decided that was for me.

Before waterpolo I was a karting driver, which in 2020 I was 21 world ranking (X30 senior, iame international games até Portimão). But I let it go to start waterpolo



Pink mention


It's a world wise math contest


Best digital and physical media

Business school Porto Seguro

It was a 1 year contest at Porto Seguro school in partnership with ESPM college. A groupe of 5 people created a start up and presented ate the end of the year for 30 judges


B1 Cambridge


Cambrige exame