Antonio Sablić

Water polo
March 16, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Antonio Sablić, I am waterpolo player from Vukovar, and currently, I am playing for Vk Vukovar. My objective for college is to improve my skills in waterpolo and at the same time to improve myself in an educational way. My biggest dream is to play waterpolo in a professional way. I am looking to play in the highest-level league in college and I think I have the quality to do that.



TOEFL Total Score

Vk Vukovar 2017-2022: champions of Slavonija 2022
Camp on Vk Jug 2020 summer
Camp on HAVK Mladost winter 2021
Loan on Vk Marsonia Majstorica for Cup of Croatia 2022

Additional sporting info

50m freestyle 27.43 seconds
100m freestyle 64.23 seconds
400m freestyle 5.04 minutes
Mvp of Dunavski Kup 2021
Best scorer in Slavonska Liga 2020/2021/2022/2023
10th scorer on champions of Croatia 2020
Scored 4 goals against Vk Jadran champions of Croatia 2020
45 goals in 4 games (season 2022/2023 of Slavonska Liga (qualifications for a cup of Croatia)
Second best swimmer in city of Vukovar in year 2021
many times player of the game

Personal Best

What makes you different?

I am very interested in sports and education, especially in sports. I am a persistent and hard worker. I think I am very disciplined, and I have good predispositions and skills at the water polo level. I can also work really well under pressure. As a captain of my team, I am well used to the burden of authority and leadership. Others say that I am likable and I can fit in a new team really well, but again, I think that my biggest strength is discipline and engagement in every single training. When I start doing something I give my hundred percent and I do not stop until I fulfill my potential. Also I have an immense passion for water polo, a desire to progress and train to be one of the best.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am looking for possibilities to develop and upgrade my skills and qualities like
professional water polo player.
I also expect my personal, professional and educational development in this field
of sport. Simply saying I would like to do this, what I love the most - water polo.
Also, I like to get to know a new country, culture and way of life.

College Goals?

Playing high-quality Waterpolo simultaneously improving myself at the educational level.




MVP Dunavski kup