Montserrat Araya Leppe

Field Hockey
April 7, 2004


About Athlete

My goal is to be able to take my hockey level to the maximum, as well as being able to contribute to the team. On the other hand, I would like to maintain my academic level so that I can combine my studies and my hockey performance. My dream is to win the championship and to be able to continue playing the sport that I am passionate about for all my life; however in my country (Chile) this is not possible, so I am looking for this opportunity in the United States. I have always stood out for my leadership, effort and perseverance, which combined with good teamwork, can undoubtedly be the perfect formula for success.


High School Grades
Math A
English A
Science A.
Spanish A
Economy A
History A
Philosophy A
Descriptive statistics and probabilities A
Sports A

(top qualification)
Chilean scale
NEM : 7.0

Named Prefect and Head Girl of my school

SAT Total Score
Score: 1350

I played from 2014 to 2016 in Dunners hockey club.

In 2017 moved to Manquehue hockey club searching for a more competitive team.

I have been part of the national hockey team since 2016 (U12)

This year I was called to play in the junior projection of the national team (U21)

2022 New squad of the Chilean junior team



  • Captain of the U16 Manquehue team.
  • Part of the U16 national team.


  • National tournament third place playing in the U19 category (I was 15 years old). (Beginning of the season)
  • Second place in the Regional tournament.
  • Nominated to go on tour with the U16 national team.
  • Captain of U16 manquehue team
  • Third place in the ABSCH seven a side tournament.
  • Captain of the U16 Manquehue team.
  • National tournament fourth place in U16.(beginning of the season)
  • National tournament fourth place playing in the U19 category (I was 15 years old). (End of the season)


  • Nominated to go on tour with the Chilean national team, to Mendoza, Argentina.
  • First place Manquehue seven a side costume tournament.
  • Captain of U14 national team
  • Captain of U14 manquehue team.


  • Second place in ABSCH eleven a side tournament
  • Third place in the seven a side tournament.
  • Nominated to go on tour with the U14 national team to Mendoza, Argentina (first team).


  • Nominated to go on tour with the national U12 team to Mendoza, Argentina (first team).
  • National tournament U12 third place.

Additional videos

Additional sporting info

Also I play in my school soccer team and in 2018 we won the ABSCH championship.

I have national and provincial experience

Personal Best

Awards, press
- Selected to participate in the South American Youth Games to represent Chile from May 4 to 8, where I will also be captain
- In 2020 I was invited to participate in Hockey World Camp Chile (they gave me complete financing), and had the opportunity to train with Dennis Van de Pol and some coaches of universities.
- 2019 I participated in a hockey clinic with Belén Succi and Claudia Schuller.
- In 2019 I received the spirit club award
- In 2019 I won the “All rounder award”.
- In 2021 elected president of the student council.
- In 2019 sports coordinator of the student council.
- 2017: sportswoman award of Dunalastair Chicureo school.

What makes you different?

I have always been different because of my leadership, effort, commitment, desire to improve and grow as a player. In addition, I really like teamwork, without a doubt, something essential to join a team. I have almost always been captain of my teams, however when I am not, I have no problems since I always end up leading in some way. Some believe that it is part of being a goalkeeper, but I am sure it is part of my essence.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am interested in competing in college because I want to take my hockey to the next level, unfortunately this is something impossible in Chile since it is not a priority, so I hope to arrive in the United States and make my dream come true. What motivates me the most is being able to contribute to the team and at the same time continue to grow as a player. I have thought a lot about it and I consider it a unique opportunity for my personal, academic and sports growth.

College Goals?

My sports goals at college are to contribute to the team and take it to the top. I hope to be a headline player as soon as possible, in order to demonstrate what I am capable of and without a doubt be champions in the tournament. Academically, I want to keep my grades and be able to finish my degree while there.

On the other hand, I intend to continue striving and giving my 100%, since that way nothing is impossible.

Anything else we should know?

I am passionate about hens, in fact last year I did an online poultry course which I managed to complete successfully. With all the information that I learned, I decided to start my own small business of organic eggs, in which I had good results, but I had to abandon it to focus on my hockey.



Dunalastair Chicureo school

Graduation year: 2022