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My name is Arvin Madadi. I am a 2024 graduating soccer player who plays central/attacking midfielder, currently playing for NewStars FA in the highest regional level in Mississauga, Ontario, being ranked a top 20 team in Canada. I am currently in my senior year at The York School in Toronto, where I maintain a grade percentage of 91.3, equivalent to a 4.0 GPA. My collegiate goal is to go to a school in which I can pursue my further goals in playing soccer at a high competitive level, and at the same time, receive a good education



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Dutch Connections FC - 2018-2019
Barcelona Academy Toronto - 2019-2020
NewStars FA U17 - 2020 - Current


YPHDL Premier Division Champions 2023 U18

Ottawa Champions Showcase 2023 Winners U18

Ancaster Heritage Tournament Champions 2023 5-0-0

Top Rated Umbro Showcase Winners 3-0-0

Top Rated Super Cup Champions 2022 U17 4-0-0

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Personal Best

2022 Season - 4 Goals 9 Assists

What makes you different?

What sets me apart and makes me an asset to any team is the unique combination of character, athletics, and academics that I bring to the table. On the field, my reputation for a strong work ethic, discipline, and being a dedicated team player is well-established. Off the field, my commitment to academics is reflected in my consistent 91.3 grade percentage, demonstrating my ability to excel both in the classroom and on the soccer field.

I take pride in my effective time management skills, ensuring that I not only meet but exceed my responsibilities both academically and athletically. This skill will undoubtedly contribute to seamlessly navigating the demanding schedule of a collegiate athlete. My dedication to maintaining this balance sets me apart and positions me as a valuable addition to any team committed to excellence on and off the field.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because it provides the ideal environment for me to elevate my game to new heights. The opportunity to compete at a high level will not only test my skills but also push me to continually evolve as a player. College soccer offers a platform for me to challenge myself against top-tier competition, fostering the growth and refinement of my abilities.

Moreover, the college setting is a crucial stepping stone toward realizing my ultimate goal of playing professionally. I believe that the structured and competitive nature of college soccer will equip me with the skills, experiences, and mindset necessary to make significant strides toward achieving this dream.

College Goals?

My college goal is to join a university with a highly competitive soccer team that prioritizes not only success on the field but also emphasizes a strong work ethic and player development. I am eager to contribute to a team that shares the same views.

In addition to my athletic aspirations, I am looking for a school that offers a reputable business program. I believe that a well-rounded education is crucial for my future, and I am excited about the prospect of combining my passion for soccer with a comprehensive business education. This dual focus will not only allow me to excel on the field but also prepare me for success in the professional world beyond soccer.



High School

2018- Current
The York School

International Baccalaureate Program School