Beatriz Barrios Fernandez

September 9, 2002


About Athlete

Ever since I started playing golf when I was 5 years old I have wanted to be a professional golfer. I believe in hard work and dedication as the first step towards greatness. With compromise and smart practice, I can achieve every goal I have set for myself.


High School Grades: Maths 8, Language 9, Philosophy 9, English 10, Economy 9, History 9, Physical Education 8, Information and communication Technology 9, French 8, Religion 10, Public speaking 10.

Grades in Spain are out of 10.

SAT Total Score


Spanish U18: 20

Andalusian U18: 5

WAGR: 1556


Miguel Angel Jimenez Tour 2018 - National Champion - 1

Miguel Angel Jimenez Tour Qualifying 2018 - 1

Real Club Sevilla Golf Doubles 2018- 1

Seville Championship 2019 - 2

Andalusian Tournament 2018 - 2

Jose Banus Trophy 2018- 3

Young Talent Trophy 2019 - 3

Sotogrande International trophy 2017 - 3

National Tournament U16 2018 - 5

Copa Andalucia Femenina International tournament 2019 - 8

Andalusian Amateur International Championship 2018 - T10

Club Swings


3 wood-220Y

5 wood-207Y

3 iron-196Y

5 iron-174Y

6 iron-164Y

7 iron-156Y

8 iron-145Y

9 iron-131Y

P wedge-118Y

50 degree wedge-98Y

55 degree wedge-86Y

58 degree wedge-74Y

What makes you different?

I am a competitive, hardworking, team player and I am also fun. I think all of these qualities makes me a great player and teammate. I love being part of a team but I am also really comfortable playing individually. I like playing under pressure and my game feels all right.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I have always wanted to be a professional golfer and I think college golf is the first step for it.

College Goals?

I would like to succeed in academics and get the best grades.

In golf, I would like to get into the Top 25 in the WAGR, play the Augusta National Womens Amateur and be the best player in programs history.

Anything else we should know?

I used to play the piano. I did it for 7 years but then I decided I wanted to spend all my time playing golf.

I love listening to music and playing or watching other sports.

I love trying and learning new things.