Isabella Halstead

Water polo
July 3, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Isabella Halstead and I am a water polo player. I am currently 18 years old and and finishing my final year of high school at the end of this year in 2022. My objective for my college experience is to play water polo at a competitive level while getting a solid education. I strongly believe that going over to the States to continue my water polo career as well as studying will be my best opportunity going forward and it will push me to be the best I can possibly be. Going over to the States has always been a dream I have wanted to peruse and no that i have the opportunity to go ahead and live out my dream it is everything i could have every imagined




U13 A Kwazulu-Natal provincial water polo team
U14 A Kwazulu-Natal provincial water polo team
U15 A Kwazulu-Natal provincial water polo team
U16 A Kwazulu-Natal provincial water polo team
U18 A Kwazulu-Natal provincial water polo team and vice captain
U17 South African non travelling reserve
U18 Kwazulu-Natal Currie cup team


U18 A Kwazulu-Natal provincial water polo team = gold medalists

U18 A Kwazulu-Natal provincial Currie Cup team = gold medalist

U16 A Kwazulu-Natal provincial water polo team = bronze medalists

U15 A Kwazulu-Natal provincial water polo team = bronze medalist

Additional sporting info

I have enjoyed team sports since I was very young, I used to do SA life saving as well as KZN hockey but as I have gotten older the game water polo has stolen my heart and I love every minute of this sport and am so excited to continue playing after my high school career.
I have been luck enough to play first team water polo from a very young age, I started playing first team water polo at the age of 13 when I was in grade 7 and since then I have been playing against 18 year old's. this has taught me to understand the game on a much higher level as well as competing against people that are stronger than me and this has made me a stronger player today

Personal Best

In water polo my personal best achievements would be making the South African U17 non-travelling reserve as well as being the vice captain for the Kwazulu-Natal provincial U18 team when I was still 17.

What makes you different?

In the water polo pool, I am a strong defender as my main position is center back. Although I am a center back my ability to swim in the pool is something I have always have an advantage with so not only does it help me keep my work ethic high in the pool but this allows me to be able to play on the left or right fetch. playing with a team has always been something I have much preferred over playing an individual sport as I love being able to work with my team mates and instead of only working for yourself it pushes me to my pull potential to work for my team mates.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college as water polo is my passion and sport has always been my strongest point. Having the opportunity to take my polo career further and compete in a more competitive and advanced level of water polo in America is an opportunity I know many people could die to have and I am so lucky I have been given this opportunity to carry on with my passion into the future.

College Goals?

In my future college years I want to compete at a much higher level of water polo compared to what I am competing in now. I always want to be pushed and work towards my goals. Not only do want to excel in my water polo career but I want to excel in my academics and achieve a good degree for my future along with playing sport.