About Athlete

My name is Brigitte Gomez and I’m a tennis player from Colombia. My objective for my college experience is to play tennis at a competitive level while getting a solid undergraduate education. I strongly belive that I can leave high the name of the university that i represent.




I have played for the same team (casanare) for 6 years. The first two years I played as head of two my team, the last four years I have played racket 1 leading my team to second place twice and one year in 3 place. one of those 4 year we didn't play because of the covid-19.
There are 26 teams in colombia.

  •  Interligas teams Colombia (18-06-2018): Finalist singles and doubles 
  • Interligas teams Colombia (20-09-2021): Finalist singles and doubles 
  • Interligas teams Colombia (19-06-2023): 3er place singles and doubles
  • G2 COSAT Cali Un16 (08-02-2021): Champion singles and dobles
  • G2 COSAT Bogotá U16 (26-08-2021): Champion singles 
  • G1 COSAT Paraguay U14 (15-02-2021): Semifinal singles
  • ITF J5 Managua (08-08-2022): Semifinal singles 
  • J5 ITF Managua (26-09-2022): Semifinal singles 
  • J30 ITF La Paz (04-03-2023): Semifinal singles 
  • G1 COSAT Paraguay U16 (25-10-2021): Finalist doubles 
  • G1 COSAT Paraguay U14 (15-02-2021): Finalist doubles 
  • G1 COSAT Cali U14 (22-03-2021): Semifinal doubles 
  • J5 ITF Managua (08-08-2022): Finalist doubles
  • J5 ITF Panamá (29-08-2022): Semifinal doubles 
  • J5 ITF Managua (19-09-2022): Champion doubles 
  • J5 ITF Valledupar (24-10-2022): Finalist doubles
  • J30 ITF La Paz (03-04- 2023): Semifinal doubles
  • J30 ITF Cochabamba (10-04-2023): Semifinal doubles
  • J30 ITF Panamá (28-08-2023): Champion doubles 
  • J30 ITF Honduras (4-09-2023): Champion doubles 
Additional sporting info

South american preselection Under 14 (17-04-2021).
Income PAD equipment (11-06-2021).
Sodesur games preselection (03-12-2021)
South american preselection Under 16 (11-06-2022)
South american preselection Under 16 (15-05-2023)

Personal Best

Best national ranking Under12 #5
Best national ranking Under14 #4
Best national ranking Under16 #5
Best national ranking Under 18 #2
Best COSAT ranking Under14 #8
Best COSAT ranking Under16 #3
Best ITF JR ranking #1001

(COSAT) is the especial ranking for south america.

What makes you different?

When playing tennis, what makes me different is that I never give up I always give my best. When I'm plauing a match, I think that running to every ball and being consistent is what sets me apart from others. My motto during a match is always bringing one ball more, that is, at each point, taking one more ball in my oponent side, even though the point seems lost.
Training and laying tennis make me very happy. I love shouting in games, I think that shouting after winning a point makes the point have more personal value, It also shows that you are on the field. On the other hand, I consider myself a very responsible athlete inside and outside the field, such as what I eat, how many hours I sleep and specially when it commes to studying.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete at a college level because I feel that it would help me a lot to grow as a person and at a tennis player. Moreover, after I get my degree I want to dedicatr myself to playing professional tennis but with the security of having a backup plan.

College Goals?

I am a person who loves to be informed about everyting. My goals for college are to be able to learn and study as much as possible and on all possible subjects. However, I want to start learning about marketing and progamming, which are the topics that have attracted the most attention in recent years. Obiously I want to achieve these goals while plauing tennis and representing the university I got to.

Anything else we should know?

I have always wanted to go to university to study and get my career, but what I want the most is to play tennis for as long as posible. The plan for my future is to be a professional tennis player but with a professional career behind it.




Unicab Virtual

Attaining my high-school diploma in November of 2023




Student-athelte of the year

I got my student-athlete award for two consecutive years. This award is for the best athletes and students of my school.

Athlete of the year

This award is for the best athlete in my school.