Caleb Lefebvre

July 23, 2007


About Athlete

My name is Caleb Lefebvre, i am from a very small village in Quebec and now living near Montreal. I play soccer since 4 y/o and i have never stopped since. From my childhood, i have always been dreaming to be a professional one day and that ambition has never left my mind.




Clubs / awards

CS Trois-Rivières (U12-U15 AA) :
(U12) Aug. 2019 - Team Mauricie U13
(U14) Oct. 2021 - Team Mauricie U14
(U15) Apr. 2022 - Team Québec U15
(U15) Jun. 2022 - Québec excel program U16
(U15) Sep. 2022 - 3 games U21 AAA
(U15) Oct. 2022 - Team Québec U15

CS Longueuil (U16 PLSJQ) :
(U16) May 2023 - Pip Québec U17

Additional sporting info

Schools (going into grade 11) :
Grade 8-10 - Académie Les Estacades
Grade 11 - Collège Français Longueuil

Personal Best

My best moment/performance was in April 2022 when I was selected to represent Team Quebec against Ontario in Toronto. In 3 games, i was able to score once, give an assist, get a penalty and give good performances overall.

What makes you different?

I can play on both wings without any problem, as an offensive midfielder and as a fullback when in a 3 cb formation. Appart from versatility, i would say that my ability to create chances for my teammates and dribbling are my best attributes. I am also easily coachable and always ready for new challenges.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I think that college soccer is the best pathway for a non-academy player in america to get closer to the pro level. From what i have seen, the facilities and the environment are amazing to help players progress and reach their goals.

College Goals?

-Play as much as possible
-Learn about the game
-Have fun