Camilla Jarvela

September 3, 2001


About Athlete

A 18 year old, efficient and highly motivated golfer from Finland


Following NCAA guidelines Camilla’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.

SAT Total Score

EGR Ranking 2019 (age group U18): 247th (with 5 played tournaments – average scoring in those 77.83)

Finnish Junior Amateur Ranking: 11th (with 6 played tournaments)

Finnish Junior Tour Ranking: 10th (with 6 played tournaments)

Lowest score in a tournament: 72 (par 72, distance 5385 meters/5889 yards)

Current HCP: 2.5

Home course: Helsingin golfklubi (Finland)

Scoring average in tournaments: 78.4

Average putts in tournaments: 31.2

Average GIR in tournaments: 10.1

National 2019

Fujitsu Finnish Junior tour 10. Final 09/07/2019 | Score 81-78-76 = 141 | T6th/18

Fujitsu Finnish Junior tour 9. 08/24/2019 | Score 73-76 = 149 | T7th/29

Finnish Amateur Championship 2019 08/08/2019 | Score 76-76 = 152 | MC (by one)/37

Finnish Junior Team Championship (qualification round) 07/31/2019 | Score 78

Finnish Women’s Stroke Play Championship 07/17/2019 | Score 73-76-79-78 = 306 |16th/29

Fujitsu Finnish Junior tour 5. Finnish Stroke Play Championship U18 06/26/2019 | Score 76-76-80 = 232 | 2nd/22

U.S. Girls Qualification (BERLIN, WIS. - MASCOUTIN GOLF CLUB) 06/18/2019 | Score 79 | 5th/17 (did not qualify)

LET ACCESS Viaplay Ladies Finnish Open 06/06/2019 | Score 82-79 = 161 |MC/91

Fujitsu Finnish Junior tour 4. 06/04/2019| Score 77-78-73 = 228 | T4th/18

Finnish Tour III 05/31/2019 | Score 83-84-77 = 244 | T9th/17

Finnish Tour II 05/15/2019 | Score 80-79-81 = 240 | 7th/13

Fujitsu Finnish Junior tour 2. 05/11/2019| Score 79-85 = 164 | T12th/32


Fujitsu Finnish Junior tour 1. Invitational 04/27/2019 | Score 79-80-82 = 141 | T10th/18

National 2018

Finnish International Amateur Open - 15th place (Tali Golf 2018, 74-78-79, +18)

Finnish Junior Match Play Championship U18 - 4th place (Lahden golf 2018)

Catmandoo Finnish Junior Tour 3 - 2nd place (Wiurila Golf & Country Club 2018, 72-78, +6 )

Catmandoo Finnish Junior Tour 2 - 6th place (Lakeside Golf 2018, 75-74, +7)

Catmandoo Finnish Junior Tour 6 - T5th place (Järviseudun Golf 2018, 76-74, +6)

Catmandoo Finnish Junior Tour 8 - T2nd place (Espoon Golf 2018, 78-79, +13)

Catmandoo Finnish Junior Tour International - 5th place (Suur-Helsingin golf, Lakisto 2018, 74-78-80, +19)

Catmandoo Finnish Junior Tour - 5th place (Järviseudun golf 2018, 76-74, +6)

Finnish International Junior Championship U16 - 11th place (Vierumäki Golf 2017)


Doral Publix Junior Classic - 27th place (Trump International, Red Tiger 2018, 80-83)

Srixon tour 6 in Norway - 11th place (Elverum golf 2018, 77-80-78, +19)

IJGT - The Georgia Open - 17th place (The Club at Savannah Harbor 2017, 82-80, +18)

IJGT - The Georgia Open - 15th place (The Club at Savannah Harbor 2018, 75-86, +17)

IJGT - Orlando Shootout - 9th place (Eagle Ridge Golf Club 2018, 77-83, +16)

Varsity team events

Finnish Junior Team Championships - 6th place (Koski Golf 2018)

What makes you different?

I have grown into an athletic family with whom I started playing golf 12 years ago. I have 9 years of tournament experience in golf both in home country and abroad. Beside golf I have always been interested in other sports such as tennis and gymnastics.

I have lots of energy and willing to work hard and see the success of that. One of my strengths is that I am able to learn quite fast for example the new techniques being asked to perform. So on I am able to correct my technical issues as and when they arise.

I have a healthy and positive attitude towards my personal development, but I also love competing against other players and hearing the sound when the ball goes into the hole. As a team player, I always encourage and support my team mates and make sure the team is feeling good and positive at all times.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I feel that in the US, combining golf and academic studies - while maintaining a high level in both - is possible and it sounds like the best way to spend my university years.

I've already experienced some training weeks in a golf academy (Bishops Gate Golf Academy in Florida) in the US. The academy suited me perfectly - the time management, long training days and overall the experience was encouraging and a lot of fun. I think competing in NCAA college is a breeding ground for professional athletes and it gives great opportunities to play different courses and against really good players.

College Goals?

College for me is all about opening up new doors, meeting new people and achieving new goals. I would like to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing and Management.

Anything else we should know?

I enjoy doing sports. I often have fitness trainings and I like to go running, skiing and play volleyball on my spare time. Sports are part of me and part of my daily routines. Spending time with my family and friends is also important.