Carlos Fabián Adachi Hudson

August 7, 2002


About Athlete

I have been playing soccer for over 13 years so it has become a very important part of me. It has taught me to work hard for what I want and now my goal is to find a college in the United States to prove my sporting abilities and at the same time be part of a demanding academic program in order to be a successful person in the sports and business world.


High School Grades:
Math - 3.4
English - 3.2
Science (Physics) - 3.2
Arts (Music) - 3.2
Spanish - 3
Physical Education - 3.6
Economics - 3.2

Total GPA: 3.27

TOEFL Total Score
Score 96

Newton College since 2009 (school)
Regatas Lima since 2009 (club) (played for both at the same time)


Statistics (club)

2016 - 9 goals and 4 assists

2017 - 6 goals and 3 assists

2018 - 3 goals and 2 assists

2019 - 7 goals and 4 assists.

Newton College

  • Champion Copa Movistar 2012
  • Champion Adca u12 2013
  • Champion Adca u14 2015
  • 3rd place Adca u18 2019 
  • Quarter-finals Copa Movistar 2019

Regatas Lima

  • Champion Copa Federacion Oro B 2015
  • Champion Copa Federacion Oro B 2017

Awards, press

In 2016, I was interviewed 2 times for being chosen Man of the Match. 

*Not every match there were interviewers, it could be more. Since 2017 there are no or are very few interviewers.

Additional sporting info

Called to the U15 Peruvian national team in 2016.
Second captain of my team Regatas Lima.

What makes you different?

I started playing soccer at the age of 5. Since then, this passion has only grown making me do many sacrifices in order to be able to play. That is why, after school, from Monday till Friday I spend 3-4 hours on a bus just to go and return to my training place. Dealing with this time issue has made me a very balanced person because I have still managed to have good grades at school reflecting my organization skills and commitment as I have been able to fulfill all my responsibilities.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because soccer is my passion but I understand that studies are equally as important and the best way to excel in both categories is by applying to a university's sports program. Also, this new experience of studying outside my country while being surrounded by new people would definitely help me develop my character to find the best version of myself.

College Goals?

My goal is to have as many minutes as I can and make the team fight for the first places every season. Regarding academics, my goal is to have a GPA of 3 or higher.

Anything else we should know?

I play the violin (London College level 6)



Newton College

High School Graduation Year: 2019