November 12, 2000


About Athlete

My objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent. I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required attributes in order to leave an impact on the college team I represent.


Top Tournament Results:

Faldo Series Event – 6500 Yards – Score 80

Andalucia federation – 1st Place Par: 72 Distance 6790 yards

San Roque XIV TROFEO SERAFIN BUSTAMANTE – 1st Place Par: 72 Distance 7102 yards

Finca Cortesin U23 – Place 1st Par: 72 Distance: 6651 yards

RFGA Tournament – Score 82

Faldo Series Event – Score: 80 Distance: 6500 yards

Slovenia Junior Championship: Score: 78 Course length: 5,200 meters Wager event

Faldo Series Wales Championship | Score 78 | Solo 7th place | u18 boys


Club Distances:

All below distances are presented in Meters.

Driver: 240 meters / 262 yards

3 wood: 225 meters / 246 yards

Hybrid: 185 meters / 202 yards

2 iron: 190 meters / 207 yards

3 iron: 185 meters / 202 yards

4 iron: 180 meters / 196 yards

5 iron: 170 meters / 185 yards

6 iron: 160 meters / 175 yards

7 iron: 150 meters / 165 yards

8 iron: 140 meters / 154 yards

9 iron: 130 meters / 142 yards

P wedge: 118 meters / 130 yards

50*: 107 meters / 117 yards

54*: 95 meters / 104 yards

58*: 75 meters / 82 yards

Personal Best

Tournament Low Score: Score: 78 Par: 72 Distance: 7102 yards

General Play Low Score: 71, At Crail golf course

Scoring Average in Tournaments: 78

Current Handicap: 2.0

What makes you different?

What differentiates me from my peers is my ability to learn fast, be it from mistakes or new techniques I’m being asked to perform. Additionally, I then have a fantastic understanding of my own swing, making me able to correct my technical issues as and when they arise.

I am an extremely dedicated individual who relishes challenges when they are put in front of me. I like to put myself in uncomfortable situations to learn how best to approach them for when I experience them in the future.

I have recently returned to golf from a 2 year layoff, joining the Jason Floyd Golf Academy in Spain and have very quickly surpassed my previous performance level despite my time away from the game, which is testament to fantastic coaching and facilities along with my strengths mentioned above.

I am always going to put my heart and soul into any challenge put in front of me, be that Sport, Education or Life, which makes me a reliable person to have in any environment.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My dream is to become a professional golfer and I am fully aware that NCAA sport, simply put, is a breeding ground for professional athletes and that 80% of PGA Tour Golfers went through the US College System. Along with golf I have participated in many team sports. With golf being predominantly individual based, the potential to combine my love for the team based sports with the chance to be a part of a successful golf team really excites me. I thrive on both individual and team success and have a great understanding that my individual performance will not only benefit me, but also my team, which is a huge motivation for me to work hard both on my sport, as well as on my education, ensuring I am always available for the team, week in, week out.

College Goals?

College for me is all about opening up new doors, building new bridges, meeting new people and achieving new goals.

My college goals are to be a part of a very successful College Golf Squad. To be a consistent member of that Golf Squad, with my performances always backing up my place in the starting team. Also, to achieve a fantastic degree that will set me up for whatever path my life takes me down.

But for me, college is more than Golf Performance and Education. It is to learn more about me as an individual, to meet new people and form lifelong friendships, and to be able to look back on my college life as one of the best experiences I will ever have.

Anything else we should know?

To be the best golfer I can be.
To work as hard as I possibly can to achieve professional status and become a PGA/European Tour winner.
To achieve the best degree grade I possibly can to set me up for life, regardless of which path I take.
To be a respected individual in my community and friendship groups, to lead by example and to help others in need.
To enjoy everything as much as I can, to treat adversity as a challenge improving myself as an individual.
To be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
To see every experience as an opportunity to learn..