Cheick Ouedraogo

February 18, 1999


About Athlete

I am a 19 year old Swiss basketball player living in Geneva who wants to rise to the top. 


Following NCAA guidelines Cheick’s GPA would meet U.S. requirements.



- Swiss championship u20: 4th place

- Cobb championship u20: 3rd place

- Swiss championship u23: 2nd place


- Swiss championship u20: 2nd place

- Cobb championship u20: 1st place

- Geneva All-star dunk contest: 1st place


- Swiss championship u19: 5th place

- Cobb championship u19: 1st place


- Swiss championship u16: 4th place

- National u16 championship: 4th place

What makes you different?

I am a really physical player, with a great vision and an hard defense. I know than as a Swiss basketball player, I would have to work ten times harder than the others to prove myself, this is for me an advantage. I have always tried to stay out of my comfort zone and I am hungry of learning. I am ready and motivated to go on the next level. I know what it is to be competitive, I have always played at the highest level and don't like to lose. Always at 120% I also push the others to give the best of themselves.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because for me playing basketball in the US has always been a dream I wanted to achieve, but I also want to be able to study at the highest level and learn new things. Here in Switzerland, the studies are really important for citizens and school has a really high level. I study for a ''fédéral maturity'' that's the highest diploma of graduation after high school here. Sport is not a priority here and I have to manage myself between my studies and my everyday training. But after that, I couldn't council high University studies and keep playing high level basketball. The US is for me the only way to keep growing in studies and in Basketball, the facilities between the two of them will help me achieve my dreams.

College Goals?

My college goals is to keep studying at an high level while playing in a really competitive basketball team where I could improve myself.

Anything else we should know?

I am ready to go on the next level, I want to be the best.