About Athlete

My name is Chloe Kim, and I’m the varsity captain of the girls’ golf team at the Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan. My objective for my college experience is to play women’s golf at a competitive level while also maintaining a rigorous academic schedule. I strongly believe that I’ll be able to contribute to schools not only through sports but through education aspects as well.


Northern Valley Regional Highschool at Old Tappan

Cumulative Weighted QP GPA : 4.69
Cumulative Unweighted QP GPA : 4.18

2020-21 Weighted QP GPA : 4.56
2021-22 Weighted QP GPA : 4.57
2022-23 Weighted QP GPA : 4.92

Courses of Study :
AP English Language and Composition
AP Research
AP Physics 1
AP Psychology
AP Seminar (English 2)
English 1 (E)
Statistics for Applied and Social Sciences
Business and Personal Finance
Algebra 2 Honors
Precalculus Honors
Biology 1 Honors
Geometry Honors
Chemistry 1 Honors
Technology and Engineering Foundations
Video Game Anime and Comic Book Art
Digital Art and Design 1
US History 1 (E)
US History 2 (E)
World History (E)
Japanese 1 (E)
Japanese 2 Honors
Japanese 3 Honors
Driver Education
Physical Education 1 / Fr Health
Physical Education 2 / Driver Ed
Physical Education 3 / Jr Health
Freshman Health
Junior Health

Senior Year Courses
AP Calculus BC
AP Environmental science
AP Japanese
AP Statistics
AP Literature
Photography honors
Physical Education/Senior Health

Club Activities
Cold water literary club - 2yrs
Japanese club - 2yrs
Library council - 2yrs
Chemistry league - 1yr
Esports - 1yr

Chivalis Chapter of the National Honor Society Member

SAT Total Score

Old Tappan Girls' Varsity team 2020-2023(2023 Varsity Captain).
Team New Jersey at the Jon B Pritsch cup 2023(vs. team Philadelphia, won the individual, team).

   Scoring Average : 40.2
   Low Score : 35
   Handicap : 2.13
   Matches : 14
   County Tournament : 80
   State Sectional : 76
   Big North : 76
   Scoring Average : 44
   Low Score : 40
   Handicap : 4.72
   Matches : 11
   County Tournament : 80
   State Sectional : 91
   Big North : 81
   Scoring Average : 51.80
   Low Score : 47
   Handicap : 10.22
   Matches : 9
   County Tournament : 100
   State Sectional : 101
   Big North : 88
Additional sporting info

School varsity captain starting junior year.

2023 NJPGA Girls 16-18 Player of the Year - 1st place(127.50 points).

60 / 56 / 52 wedge : 70 / 85 / 95 Yds
Pitching wedge: 105-110 Yds
9 iron: 125 Yds
8 iron: 135 Yds
7 iron: 145 Yds
6 iron: 155 Yds
4 Hybrid: 185 Yds
5 wood: 200 Yds
3 wood: 210 Yds
Driver: 230 Yds

Swing Table(May. 26. 2023 by the Trackman)

7 Iron
Swing Speed(deg), 75.9
Attack Angle(deg), -0.8
Club Path(deg), 2.8
Face Angle(deg), -0.4
Swing Dir.(deg), 2.1
Ball Speed(mph), 105.2
Smash Fac., 1.39
Launch Angle(deg), 20.4
Spin Rate(rpm), 5512
Height(ft), 81.2
Carry(yds), 145.2
Land Angle(deg), 45.5
Total(yds), 154.0

Swing Speed(deg), 89.6
Attack Angle(deg), -0.1
Club Pat(deg), 1.3
Face Angle(deg), -0.5
Swing Dir.(deg), 0.5
Ball Speed(mph), 130.5
Smash Fac., 1.46
Launch Angle(deg), 14.3
Spin Rate(rpm), 2021
Height(ft), 65.5
Carry(yds), 205.7
Land Angle(deg), 30.6
Total(yds), 235.7

Personal Best

Score of 73(Par71) at the NJPGA tournament at Stanton Ridge Country Club(5600 yards, 2 Birdies. 14 Pars, 4 bogey) - Aug. 03. 2023..

Score of 74(Par73) at the NJPGA tournament at Basking Ridge Country Club(5700 yards, 5 Birdies. 12 Pars, 6 bogey) - Aug. 09. 2023..

Current Handicap : 1.6(GHIN : 11358897).

What makes you different?

I'm willing to go through the most challenging paths to provide a brighter future for myself. Even if conditions are difficult (like balancing multiple APs during sports seasons), I can see the long-term benefits of persevering through it. Even if the results aren't immediate or what I desire at the time, I firmly believe most efforts eventually bring an advantage in the future, and no passion goes to waste. Not only do I play golf with this mindset, but I also apply such thinking to other aspects of my life.

Why do you want to compete in college?

While golf has taken up most of my time in high school, I've gained more than the experiences I've lost out on. Golf is a sport that allows total strangers to stick together for upwards of 5-6 hours, and it takes little effort to meet individuals from all across the state and even the country. The sport allows for connections and improvements in critical skills such as communication and has brought me closer to people in my own family. It's one of my top priorities, and it's a skill that I believe will stick with me for the rest of my life. By playing in college, not only will I be able to improve continuously, but I'll continue to be able to meet a variety of individuals and go through experiences I otherwise would not be able to.

College Goals?

In college, I look for a healthy mix of education, social life
and sports. While the college experience is something I greatly look forward to, my main goal is to carve a well-set path to guide me into adult life. I'd like to continue and improve my current passions in college life as well as find an environment that provides enough pressure to push developments in both my academics and sports.

Anything else we should know?

2023 NJPGA Girls 16-18 Player of the Year Points Standings : 1ST place(127.50points, 7 Tournaments : 1ST place / 2 Tournaments : 2ND place)

2023 NJSIAA North Girls Sectional(Great Gorge GC) : 3RD place(76)

2022 NJPGA Girls 13-15 Player of the Year Points Standings : 29TH place(15points, 1 Tournament : 2ND place)

Swing Coach : Sean Hogan( / 321-438-1023)




Northern Valley Regional Highschool at Old Tappan


Demarest Middleschool


Ridgecrest Middleschool

Elementary school

Soleado Elementary school




Coach's Award

Coach's recognition of an athlete's hard work, dedication, and commitment to the team and the sport.

Scholar Athlete

Maintaining a minimum of a 3.5 GPA while participating in a varsity sport.

1st place Junior Event at Soldier Hill

Jun. 22. 2023.
New Jersey PGA

1st place Junior Event at Copper Hill

Jun. 28. 2023.
New Jersey PGA

1st place Junior Event at Forest Hill

Jul. 5. 2023.
New Jersey PGA

2nd place NJPGA Junior Cup MENDHAM G&TC

Jul. 17-18. 2023.
New Jersey PGA

1st place Junior Event at Stanton Ridge

Aug. 3. 2023.
New Jersey PGA

1st place Junior Event at Basking Ridge

Aug. 8. 9. 2023.
New Jersey PGA

2nd place Junior Event at Peddie / PEDDIE SCHOOL

Aug. 10. 2023.
New Jersey PGA

1st place Junior Event at Preakness Valley, West

Aug. 15. 2023.
New Jersey PGA

2nd place The Junior Showcase UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GC

Jul. 24-27. 2023.
National Junior Golf Association

First Year Letter Award


Second Year Letter Award


Third Year Letter Award


Big North Conference Girls Golf Tournament Top 20


Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Silver Key / The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers

Chivalis Chapter of the National Honor Society Member