Christian Napoleon Kyriacou

March 1, 2006


About Athlete

Christian N. Kyriacou, Toronto ON, Canada.
I have passion. I am competitive.
My genetics is Soccer.

I consider myself a valuable player because of my intelligence in soccer. Influenced, by both my father’s and uncle’s stories of their early years when offered to play semi-pro. Hearing the stories of coming to Canada from Cyprus, growing up as an immigrant, and encountering challenges throughout their life on and off the field. This pushed me to thrive and anticipate events before they happen, assess the situation, and make decisions leading to being a better person, student, and player.

Growing up I was on the B team. I had to work hard and train hard to show the talent within me. One day it paid off when the coach started me – my determination, my passion, being a team player, and my drive to be the best. I know that you have to work hard, train hard, practice, and practice and practice will lead you to your goals.

I learned from my mother’s family originally from the Philippines how to be kind and compassionate. The struggles and sacrifices they went through to support our families in Canada and abroad. This taught me to never give up, to always look for a solution, and to be good to others.

I will face difficulties on the pitch and off the pitch. I am ready for my next Journey to playing with high-performance teams, and coaches, and learning from my professors.




Vaughan Soccer Club, Canada
- League 1 Ontario U19 Reserve Player, Team Captain, 2022-Present
- U17 OPDL (Ontario Provincial Development League) Player, Team Co-Captain, 2021-2022

Vaughan Soccer Club, Canada
- U17 OPDL (Ontario Provincial Development League) Co-Captian, 2021
- U15 OPDL (Ontario Provincial Development League) Player, 2020-2021
- U14 OPDL (Ontario Provincial Development League) Player, 2019-2020
- U13 OPDL (Ontario Provincial Development League) Player, 2018-2019


2022 U17 Champions, OPDL Cup, Canada

2022 U17, Finalist, Gary Miller Charity Shield, Canada

2021 U15, Champions, OPDL Gary Miller Charity Shield, Canada

2019 U14, Finalist, Bethesda Cup, USA

2019 U13, Champions, Umbro Showcase, Canada

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Additional sporting info

Bill Crothers Volleyball Team
Bill Crothers Soccer Program Team

Personal Best

2023 League1 Ontario U19 reserve top goal scorer (5 goals) among defenders Vaughan SC.

What makes you different?

What makes me different is that I am like water as it assumes numerous forms. This is what differentiates me from other student-athletes. Like water, I adapt to what is required and shape/form myself to the situation. I have the self-confidence to carry a ship, take the shape of a cup, be shapeless, and adapt to the situation. Like water, I am solid in my belief that I/we will win and deal with any situation that comes my/our way. My team sees and feels me as their captain as I lead them and hold them together under pressure to achieve outcomes through people. With my passion and self-confidence, I want to be better than others, even better than myself. As captain of the team and as a leader outside of sport, I motivate and get results through people, make decisions in the heat of competition, recognize when someone makes a good play, and share feedback on what could have been done better.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Why I want to compete in college is to be exposed to high-performance coaches, teammates, and professors. Learn from each experience and be exposed to new situations that will grow and develop me for the future.

College Goals?

My goal is to receive a scholarship to a University where I will be able to play soccer with a high-performance team and work toward a degree for my future career after soccer.

Anything else we should know?

ANB Futbol 14th Annual International ID Camp 2023.
Honorable mention of player Christian Kyriacou to be monitored for a potential future invite from Estac Troyes, Ligue 1 (France) & Next Gen Pro FA, (England).

ANB Futbol 13th Annual International ID Camp 2022.
Invitation to trial at QRM, Leigue 2 in France.

Holds a Canadian passport and EU passport



High school

Bill Crothers Secondary School

Bill Crothers Secondary School is an athletic-based High school in the community of Unionville in Markham, Ontario, Canada.




Player of the Match

Future Stars Elite All-Star Showcase