Clemente Aguirre Harambillet

February 15, 2003


About Athlete

My objective is to work hard and get to the next level in both areas, in rugby and academics, reach my best rugby level and get a degree, are my main goals.


Current GPA: 3.70



Champions ARUSA Seven’s Tournament 2019

Champions College Cup 2019

Silver cup ARUSA Seven’s Tournament 2019

Third place International Tournament “Valentin Martinez” Uruguay 2019

Third place Seven’s Tournament ABSCH (British colleges association) 2019

Third place XV tournament ABSCH 2019

Silver cup (third place) first semester Tournament ARUSA (rugby association of Santiago) 2019

Silver cup second semester Tournament ARUSA 2019


Third place Sevens Tournament ABSCH 2018

Fifth place first semester Tournament ARUSA 2018

Silver cup XV Tournament ABSCH 2018

Fifth place second semester Tournament ARUSA 2018


Third place Seven’s Tournament ABSCH 2017

Third place XV tournament ABSCH 2017

Fifth place “Charles. T. Darlin” Seven’s Tournament 2017

Awards, press


Sportsman award Dunalastair school

Dobs spirit award.

U14 Dobs Captain


U16 Dobs sub Captain.

Dobs spirit award.

U16 National rugby team


U16 dobs Captain.

Sportsman award Dunalastair School

Dunalastair School rugby Captain

Dobs spirit award.

Best player silver final

U17 National Rugby Team


First team Captain

U18 dobs Captain.

U18 National Rugby Team

Additional sporting info

I have been playing rugby since 2010.
2014, 2015, 2016 international rugby festival “Maximo Navesi” Argentina
2017: rugby tour to Argentina
2018: I won a rugby scholarship to an academy in New Zealand, I was trained by magpies coaches and players (the best professional team on Napier)
Rugby tour with my club to South Africa
2019: Summer academy in New Zealand

Personal Best

Bench press: 220 lbs
Squads: 286 lbs
Dead lift: 308 lbs

What makes you different?

am a person who sets goals not only for my personal stuff, but everything I do is to achieve those goals, and all my efforts are based on that. From a young age, I always help the weakest, which gave me a life lesson that helps me in sports and in my personal life. I have managed to leave that mark in my school, I am a reference in my rugby club for the little ones, for the children of my parent’s friends, not only for being a rugby player but for all the values that been a leader and captain represents. I am a person who has clear priorities, I’ve never failed to my team or my teammates and I am always willing to help others when they need it on and off the field.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I am interested in competing in rugby at university because I think that going to the United States is a way of testing myself in a higher level and in a totally different environment and at the same time complete my studies.

College Goals?

I have two goals for college, the first one is to have a good adaptation with my team and teammates so I can prove all my talent and contribute with the team. The second one is to graduate with a business degree to get a job either in United States or back in Chile.

Anything else we should know?

Between 7 and 11 years old I played soccer for Universidad Catolica - Youth Academy level, the best you can compete.



Dunalastair School

Graduation year 2021