Cole Stevens

July 11, 2001


About Athlete

My objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent. I have the experience and motivation to work hard in both required attributes in order to leave an impact with the college team I will be representing.


Average best

10 rounds: 67.10

15 rounds: 67.73

20 rounds: 68.45



Currently Top 20 in South Africa

Dimension Data Junior Championship – 5 th Place (0)

Nomads Coastal NOoM Champtionship – 3rd Place (-5)

Awarded 2018 Top Junior

**Selected to represent Central Gauteng in The Premier SA IPT

2019 – 2020 GolfRSA Squad member

Westville High School Championship Winners

2018 - Top Junior Order of Merit Award

Top 5 All Juniors Central Gauteng

Top 5 U/19 Central Gauteng

Top 20 7 All Juniors Boy GolfRSA ranking


Golf RSA Squad

Club Champs : 2nd (+5)

Golf RSA Coastal NOoM : 4th Place (+2)

Central Gauteng Champ of Champs Winner : 1st Place (-5)

March Central Gauteng Easter Tournament : 2nd Place (-6)

GolfRSA U/19 Boys Championship : 2nd Place (-12)

Selected to represent Central Cauteng in The Presidents Cup IPTs

GolfRSA U17 Boys Championship : 2nd Place (-8)

SA HighSchools Championship Winners

**Selected to represent Central Gauteng in The Premier SA IPTs

GolfRSA North and South Championship : 2nd Place (-14)



Junior Central Gauteng Open T2 (-8)

Inland NOoM (-2)

Matchplay winner at home club

SA High School Winners

2017 GolfRSA Squad member

Selected to represent in Jakarta – (+2)

Selected to represent in The Presidents Challenge Cup

Number 1 Over All Juniors Central Gauteng (Apr ’18)

Number 2 U/17 Boys GolfRSA ranking (Apr ’18)

Number 9 Over All Juniors Boy GolfRSA ranking (Apr ’18)

Number 73 Amateur (Apr ’18)

Selected to represent Central Gauteng Junior IPTs


Number 1 U/15 Boy Central Gauteng (early 2016)

Number 2 U/17 Boy Central Gauteng (early 2016)

Promoted to scratch league Premier-Division

High school A-Team won Woodhill College Championship

Selected to represent in Reunion – 5 th place

Selected to represent in Jakarta – 3rd place

Won a spot in the Glacier Nationals : 5 – 7 October 2016 in San Lameer (-2)

2nd place Inland NoOM

Number 5 All Juniors Central Gauteng

Number 6 U/17 Boy GolfRSA ranking (Nov 2016)

Number 25 All Juniors Boy GolfRSA ranking (Nov 2016)

Selected to represent Central Gauteng Junior IPTs

U/19 IPT Championship Winners

U/19 IPT Most Valuable Player (MVP)

2016 GolfRSA Squad member


Number 1 U/15 Boy Central Gauteng

5th Place in the Bobby Locke Championship

5th Junior Jo'burg Open

2015 GolfRSA squad member

Promoted to scratch league B-Division


Team won the Ernie Els Primary School National Championship and I placed 2nd overall in the tournament

Team won the Curro School National Championship.

1st overall in Inter-Provincial Primary School WINNER

Primary school team won the Primary School League 2014

2014 Ernie Els Junior 1st place winner

Central Gauteng U/15 Boys Provincial team winners

2014 Inter-Provincial Primary School Winners

Awarded school colours for golf

Premier 100m and 200m athlete

4 the place on the GolfRSA Junior ranking

Started playing scratch league for club – C-Division


Team won Ernie Els Primary Mixed Schools Championship


Central Gauteng Number 2 U/13 Boy

1st Place CMR Club Champs B-Division – December 2012


Club swings

Driver: 290 meters

3 wood: 275 meters

5 wood: 260 meters

2 iron: 240 meters

4 iron: 215 meters

5 iron: 200 meters

6 iron: 190 meters

7 iron: 175 meters

8 iron: 165 meters

9 iron: 155 meters

Pitching wedge: 140 meters

Gap wedge: 130 meters

Sand wedge: 118 meters

Lob wedge: 103 meters

Awards, press

Selected to represent in youth Olympics 2018 Athlete of the Year 2018

SA Premier IPT Team 2018 (age 16) Athlete Sprinter of the Year 2017 Athlete Sprinter of the Year 2016

A-Team (Premier) at Golf Club 2016 SA Golf Elite Squad member 2015 Athlete of the year elementary 2010


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Additional sporting info


Right wing - 2015 finalist in primary school league


Participated in the 2017 Prestige

Athletics 2nd at 2017 inter high schools