Damil Ataullah

January 1, 2003


About Athlete

I started golf at age 7 and won the first tournament I entered at age 9. I have played in about 50 tournaments of which I have won 26 of these wins 2 have been as an amateur and the rest as a Junior. I have come in 2nd in 10 tournaments out of which 1 hs been as an Amateur and the rest as a Junior. Have represented my country on five different occasions. I won my first match playing as a Junior, my first match playing as an Amateur and won my category the first time I represented my country internationally. My current handicap is 3.4. I have been the number 1 ranked sixteen and under player in Pakistan since January 2018. I have been a member of the Pakistan Junior National Team since the age of 14. (July 2017)

SAT Total Score

Aitchison College, Lahore, Pakistan 2009 – 2017



9th CNS Amateur Championship- 25-27 Oct 2019, Shot 228 in three days and Tied 11th (Course Length 6810 yards)

2nd PGA Inter Club Championship- 14th Sept 2019, Shot 73 and got 2nd Position (Course Length 6773 yards)

PGF Inter Club Championship- 2nd Feb 2019, Shot 69 and came 1st (Course Length 6773 yards)                          


8th Faldo Series Pakistan 22-25th Nov 2018- Shot 305 in four days. Stood 1st in my category of 16 and under and 3rd overall. (Course length 6810 yards)

1st President DHA Cup- 3-4th October 2018. Played in the Amateur Category. Shot 148 in two days and came 2nd. (Course Length 6810 yards)

PGF Junior Amateur Trials- 3-5th July 2018. Shot 231 in 3 days. 1st in 16 and under category and 4th Overall.

7th Faldo Series Pakistan 5-7th Jan 2018- Shot 234 in three days. 1st in 16 and under category and 3rd overall.


7th CNS Amateur Golf Tournament- 10-12th Nov 2017. Played in the Amateur category. Shot 146 in two days. 1st Position. (Course Length 6654 yards)

1st Sri Lanka International Junior Golf Team Championship- 9-10th August 2017. 1st in the Under 15 category and our team came in 2nd (I shot 77). (Course Length 6560 yards)

26th Corps Commander Cup- 5-7th May 2017- Shot Net 206 and won the tournament in the Amateur Category. This was my first tournament in the Amateur Category. (Course Length 6654 yards)

Junior Amateur Golf Championship of Pakistan- 8-9th April 2017. Shot 153 (69 in the final round) and was 1st in the under 15 category. (Course Length 5719 yards)


Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Amateur Golf Championship- 11th Dec 2016. Shot 78 and was 1st in the under 18 category. (Course Length 5580 yards)

IG Junior Championship, Dubai UAE- 14-16th Nov 2016. Shot Shot 233 in three days. 4th in the Under 15 Category. (Course Length 6528 yards).

Punjab Junior Championship- 5-6th Nov 2016. Shot 166 in two days. 1st in the Under 15 Category. (Course Length 5475 yards)

32nd Governer’s Cup- 25th Sept 2016. Shot 77 and was 1st in the Under 18 Category. (Course Length 5580 yards)

Faldo Series Pakistan Championship- 16-18th September 2016. Shot 225 in three days was 2nd in the 16 and Under Category. (Course Length 5475 yards)


5th CNS Open Amateur Golf Championship-28th Nov 2015. Shot 79 and was 1st in the Under 18 category. (Course Length 5744 yards)

Telenor CNS Golf Cup-April 2018. Shot 80 and was 1st in the Under 18 category. (Course Length 5109 yards)


4th CNS Amateur Golf Championship- 7th December 2014. Shot 85 and was 1st Net in the Under 18 category. (Course Length 5744 yards)

Punjab Junior Championship- 15-16th Nov 2014. Was 2nd in the Under 14 Category. (Course Length 5475 yards)

Faldo Series Pakistan Championship 2014- 18-20th Sept 2014. 1st in Under 12 category. (Course Length 5475 yards)


Pakistan Junior National Championship 2013- Was 2nd in Under 13 category.

Faldo Series Pakistan Championship 2012- Was 1st in under 12 category. (Course Length 5475 yards)


Garrison Open Golf Championship- 23rd December 2012. 1st Net in Under 18 category. (Course Length 5719 yards)

32nd Punjab Open Golf Championship-4th Nov 2012. 1st Net in under 15 category.

31st Punjab Amateur Golf Championship- 23rd September 2012. 1st Net in Under 14 Category. (Course Length 5580 yards)

21st Corps Commander Cup- 23rd April 2012. This was my first tournament. 1st Net in under 18 Category.

Additional sporting info

Have been a member of the Pakistan Junior National Team since July 2017

Have been the No. 1 16 and under Golfer in Pakistan since January 2018

Have represented Pakistan at the following international tournaments:

- APGC Junior Golf Championship, Hakone Country Club, Hakone Japan--- 28-30th Aug. 2019

- 13th Faldo Series Asia Grand Final, Laguna Lang Co, Vietnam----20-22nd March 2019

- Junior Open, Eden Course, St. Andrews, Scotland---16-19th July 2018

- 12th Faldo Series Asia Grand Final, Laguna Lang Co, Vietnam----1-3rd March 2018

- 1st Sri Lanka International Junior Golf Team Championship, Royal Columbo Golf Club, Colombo, Sri Lanka---9-10th August 2017

- IG Junior Championship, Dubai, UAE---14-16th November 2016.

No. 18 Amateur in Pakistan for the 2018-19 season.

What makes you different?

The fact that I have achieved what I have in my golfing career with the limited resources available in Pakistan with respect to golf training/coaching proves that I am the kind of person who will achieve his goals regardless of the circumstances and obstacles. I am a very goal oriented person. My first goal was to be the best in my age category in Pakistan, which I achieved in the under 12, under 14 and under 16 categories. My next goal was to represent my country internationally which I achieved by becoming the youngest golfer to represent Pakistan at the age of 14 year 7 months and 9 days. So if I set my mind to achieve something I will put in my utmost effort to do so.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My next goal is to play college golf in the US. I believe that to be able to compete at the highest level in golf it is imperative for a person to play college golf. So my reason for wanting to play college golf three fold. One, it a goal that I have set for myself. Two, the statics tell you that playing college golf dramatically improves ones chances of playing golf professionally at a high level. Three, I feel that by playing golf at a good college I will be able to get the kind of training that has been lacking in my golfing career in Pakistan i.e, to learn from a knowledgeable and dedicated team of coaches the finer points of the game to take my game to the next level.

College Goals?

To be at a college where I can play for the team on a regular basis and contribute to the team’s success and not be just a member of the team. Other than golf my priority is to finish school, get my degree and not just use school as a springboard to become a professional golfer. I would love to be able to contribute to my school and the surrounding community in ways other than golfing achievements.

Anything else we should know?

Besides being goal oriented I am a very hard worker who has learnt to manage his time well. I have learnt to practice and play hard and smart instead of just practicing and playing hard. I like to set S.M.A.R.T goals and not just goals. I love the challenges that the game of golf presents every time I am out on the course playing or practicing on the range.