About Athlete

My name is Danaii Hayles i am a soccer player who is 18 years old from England. My objective for my college experience is to play d1/d2 soccer at a good competitive level while getting a fantastic business management and sports management degree so i am able to become a sports agent. I strongly believe that i have the potential, talent and work ethic to become a fantastic and useful player to any team with the right training and coaches. I have also played for a number of high level clubs such as Birmingham City, Rushall Olympic and Cadbury Athletic (all at u18s level).



English Language - 6
English Literature- 6
Mathematics - 5
Science Biology - 5
Science Chemistry - 4
Computer Science - Merit
Physical Education - 4
Geography - 5
Religious Education - 5

SAT Total Score
TOEFL Total Score
ACT Score

Cadbury Athletic U21 - this is the team below their mens team i am the youngets here at 17 years old and i am working hard to try and get into their open age mens team

Birmingham City FEP u19’s - this is a football education program where i study and play games representing Birmingham City i train under high kevel academy coaches and teachers as they try to develop me to get into their academy team.

Phoenix United U19’s

Additional sporting info

I am a hardworking devoted individual that always strives to go above and beyond and achieve my best. I will always work my hard no matter the situation to get both the best and beneficial standards for myself and for others. I am a strong minded individual and is able to take criticism to help develop me as a player. I will also build a strong relationship with my team and coaches as i understand that by being able to trust and work with one another you get better results on the pitch and also develop better.

Personal Best

My best season was 2022-2023 where i scored 9 goals and got 14 assists for phoenix united. This gave me a a season total of 23 goals and assists in 42 games in one season.

What makes you different?

What sets me apart from others is that i will always ask questions to get the best understanding i can as i understand that by understanding what people want it can be done alot more efficiently and effectively. What sets me apart from athletes is that i can take criticism to help me improve and also ai am able to read the game. This allows me to intercept the ball and press high up the pitch allowing me to win the ball back for my team and create attacking opportunities.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete within college as i want to work with a variety of new different experienced good coaches to help make me a batter player as i understand that you learn something new from every coach. I also want to be out into different environments to help show to me my true footballing level and to prove my ability to myself.

College Goals?

My college goals are to achieve at least a Business Management or Sports Management undergraduate degree as i aspire to be a football agent. The reason is ant to be a football agent is because i want to help make the dreams of players all over the world achieve their dream of playing quality level soccer just as i do i would love to see the smiles on their faces and see how proud and happy they make your families whilst also working in a n industry for doing something they love.



Birmingham City FC FEP

Birmgham City

This is an extended diploma course where i learn coaching, anatomy and physiology, careers in sport , psychology, sports business and self employment




Birmgham City County Cup

This is a cup competition which i represented phoenix united in. We won this cup 3-1. We won individual medals and also a trophy for the club.