Daniel Aponte

Swimming and Diving
March 15, 2003


About Athlete

My goal is to continue with my swimming career combined with my university studies. I have been training and studying for two years in a technological center in Málaga, so I’m ready to reach all the objectives that I propose, both in the water and in class.


High School Grades:

3ºESO: 7,09

4ºESO: 6,90

1ºBACH: 7,60

2ºBACH: 6,20

Average: 6,94

GPA: 3.0


Spanish Championships (LCM)


silver medal 400im and bronze medal 200 backstroke


bronze medal 1500 free


bronze medal 200 backstroke


silver medal 400im and silver medal 200im


Winter: silver medal 400im and silver medal 200im

Summer: silver medal 400im,silver medal 200im and 200 breakstroke

Final A absolute national 400im


Andalusian Championships Long and Short Course Meter:

28 gold medals

Twice Absolute Champion in 400im

30 silver medals

10 bronze medals

Spanish Championships by communities:

Selected with the Andalusian Swimming Team in 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Silver(2019) and bronze(2019).

Silver medal 400im International Meeting Algarve, Portugal

9th place 400im and 10th place 200im in Marenostrum International Tour, Barcelona

Awards, press

Prize to the best swimmer in the club Círculo Mercantil e Industrial Sevilla in 2016, 2018 and 2021


Prize FINA points Winter Andalusian Championship 2019 1500free




My club has the second place in the Andalusian Cup

Personal Best

LCM- 50m

400 medley 4:29.94 Trofeo Inter. Mare Nostrum

200 medley 2:06.54 CTO. España summer

200 breaststroke 2:23.54 CTO. España summer

200 backstroke 2:08.43 CTO. España winter

SCM- 25m

400 medley 4:25.32 Copa de Andalucía

200 medley 2:06.53 Copa de Andalucía

200 breaststroke 2:22.95 Provincial Sevilla

200 backstroke 2:08.52 Provincial Sevilla

1500 free 15:59.64 Copa de Andalucía

What makes you different?

One of the things that makes me different from other students it’s that every single goal that I have proposed I have accomplished it. I’m able to achieve my goals despite the problems and obstacles that may appear on my own way.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because I love swimming and I want to complete my studies while I compete in a good swimming division living new experiences.

College Goals?

Complete my university degree and improve my English level.

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