Diana Barba

Track and Field
February 3, 2002


About Athlete

I have the strength both physically and mentally to manage my development in academic and athletic areas my goal is to represent the college team with a high sense of honor and aim to beat my country record on pole vault.

Throughout the years I had develop mental strength and the discipline that takes for an athlete to stand out.

In my academics I have also managed to be very efficient.


Pole Vault and 100m

○Jalisco state meet under 18 2018

   Pole vault 2.70m 1st place

○Athletics performance 2018 (Queretaro)

   Pole vault 2.80m 2ndPlace

○Regional meet under 18 2018

   Pole vault 2.80m 2nd place

○9th Copa Autonomia 2018 (Queretaro)

   Pole vault 2.70m 3rd place

○National Youth championship 2018

   Pole vault 2.85m 2nd place

○National Olympiad under 18 2018

   Pole vault 2.90m 3rd place

○Stacy Dragila Summer camp. Chula vista elite athlete training center

   Pole vault 3m

○Encuentro Jalisco 2018

   Pole vault 3 m 1st place

○National Pole vault Summit UCS Spirit 2019

   3.10m 4th place (on the pit)

○51° Copa Nuevo León 2019

   Pole vault 3m

○Jalisco state meet under 18 2019

   Pole vault 3.10m 1st place

   100m 12.94s 1st place

○Annual spring break Classic 2019 University Ana G. Mendez Guarabo, Puerto Rico under 20

   100m 12.88s 3rd place

○Regional meet under 18 2019

   Pole vault 2.93m 1st place

○National Olympiad under 18 2019

   Pole vault 3m 3rd place

○National Youth championship 2019

   Pole vault 3m 2nd place

   woman relay 100x4 1st place

○Regional meet on Chugoku on the county of Yamaguchi, Japan

Sporting abilities

Speed, in the studies for run efficiency in pole vault I was named the fastest athlete on the runway for pole vault (Chula vista USA Olympic training center/Stacy Dragila summer camp 2018)

Understand the pole vault dynamics

Take off is one of my strengths in pole vault

Learn fast and adapt to knowledge 

Highly disciplined

Awards, press

Awarded athlete of the year from the municipality and city major 

On the news in Japanese TV and Japan press on my training camp prior to Olympics invited as young promise among 25 athletes from Mexico 2019

Interviewed on the press several times both locally and nationwide

Invited as role model to influence youth and persuade them to practice sports

Additional sporting info

I have also practiced volleyball, gymnastics, football, soccer, swimming, tennis, and high jump.