Diego Castillo Perez

September 5, 2003


About Athlete

I’ve been a high performance athlete (soccer player) for 9 years.  As part of Club de Futbol Pachuca (The oldest and one of the most  succesful teams in Mexico). I know that, eventually, I can become a professional soccer player, but I’m interested in an integral formation, that’s why I have the concern to study and play soccer at the same time in an environment of excellence, Where? USA.



2013 to Present: Several minor domestics tournaments. Pachuca team.

2013. Copa Gobernadores. Estado de San Luis Potosí, México. Pachuca U12 Team. Champions.

2014. XIX Olimpiada Nacional Infantil y Juvenil, Estado de Nuevo León, México. Hidalgo State U12 Team. Bronze medal.

2015. XX Olimpiada Nacional Infantil y Juvenil, Estado de Veracruz, México.  Hidalgo State U12 Team. Gold medal.

2015. Danone Nations Cup. Ciudad de México. Pachuca U12 Team. Runner-up.

2015. U13 Winter Liga BBVA Cup. Pachuca U13 Team. Runer-up.

2017. U15 Summer Liga BBVA Cup. Pachuca U15 Team. Runner-up.

2018. U15 International Liga BBVA Cup. Pachuca U15 Team. Champion.

2020. Future Cup Netherlands. (Postponed). U17 Pachuca Team. Mexican Team invited for first time ever.

Additional sporting info

I am a player who is characterized by my high performance during the whole game, partly thanks to the fact that I practice swimming for a large part of my life.

In the endurance tests conducted by my current club, year after year I manage to place myself in the top 3 players with the highest stamina.

I have an average of 11.5 km traveled per game, which places me in the player with the most wear and tear on my current team.