Diego Orellana Flores

September 12, 2002


About Athlete

My objective as a student-athlete in a college in the US is to push myself both as an athlete for the team and as a student for myself. I want to prove myself that I’m ready for any challenge that comes along the way and I would work hard for the team to reach its goals.


Math: B-

Algebra 2: B

Geometry: B

Spanish: B

Civics: B

English: A-

US history: B+

Biology: B-

Chemistry: B-

French: C

Socio-Cultural Anthropology: B+ History: A-

Art: A-

Physical education: A+ Technology (IT): B+



Del campo School


Regionals Tegucigalpa: 4 place

AASCA Varsity team Panama: group stage

Nationals: Group Stage


Regionals Tegucigalpa: 3 place

Nationals: quarter finals

Transfer Macris School: Varsity team


Unitec Tournament: First Place Regionals Tegucigalpa: 2 place

Nationals: Group stage

Olimpia soccer academy


3era Amateur: First Place

Awards, press

Team’s top scorer

Unitec 2019-2020

Regionals 2018-2019

What makes you different?

I have always liked difficult challenges because that’s the only way for me to challenge myself and get better at my game. At high school I was a starter every game and I knew if I wanted to get better, I needed another challenge and that’s why I joined Olimpia soccer academy, the tournaments at that level were tougher than high school level. There were around 25-35 players in the list, and for the game the coach only allowed 16 players to go. I was new this year but I was the team top substitution and occasionally a starter, what makes me unique is I seek discomfort for the wholesome rea- son of improving and learning more. This is sports re- lated, but I apply the same thing of seeking discomfort in most life aspects because for me that’s the way I learn more and improve as a person.

Why do you want to compete in college?

Because I know college level is high, players there have different backgrounds but all of them I believe they are really good and tough and many of them have goals and when you surround yourself with people who have goals your standards rise. I believe competing in college will help me in every aspect. I went for a week to a D2 team campus in the offseason and stayed with one of the soccer players of the team and also practiced a couple of times with his teammates and I really enjoyed the experience.

College Goals?

I want to bring the best version of myself through sports and achieve a full ride scholarship at a top team and to develop new skills at my study area.