Diogo Carrazzoni Godoi

July 30, 2004


About Athlete

My name is Diogo Godoi. I am originally from Brazil, but ever since I was 11, me and my family have lived in many different countries. Currently, I live and play in Laos, a country in Southeast Asia. Playing college sports has been my dream for quite some time and I believe that I have great skills to succeed as a student athlete.


IBDP Year 1 Semester 1:

Theory of Knowledge: A

French B HL: 7

Economics HL: 7

Mathematics Applications and Interpretations HL: 7

Theater SL: 7

English Language and Literature SL: 6

Biology SL: 6

SAT Total Score

America Mineiro Academy - 2012-2014

Fox Football Vietnam - 2016-2017

American International School of Mozambique Middle School Soccer team - 2017-2019
American International School of Mozambique Junior Varsity Soccer team - 2017-2020

South Africa:
Bryanston Warriors FC U17 - 2021
Velocity Football Academy U19 - 2021

Current Team Laos (2022)
Vientiane Football Team- Playing in Vientiane Capital League 2 (Second Best League in Laos)

Additional sporting info

Vientiane Capital League 2 (2022 Season):
1 Game

Bryanston Warriors U17 FC (2021 Season):

9 Games

1 Goal

4 Assists

1 Man of the Match

Velocity Football Academy U19 (2021 Season)

9 Games

1 Goal

3 Assists

1 Man of the Match

Personal Best

Captain of Bryanston Warriors FC U17 Team

What makes you different?

I've been in love with soccer my whole life. Me and my family have constantly moved to different cities, and I've learnt to readapt myself constantly, giving me access to many different cultures and developing a resilient mindset. Also, I have varied interests and a moral responsibility to always improve myself, be dedicated to working hard and do what is right.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because I appreciate the opportunity college sports give to students of developing both their athletic and intellectual sides, consequently producing a more balanced human being in the future. Ever since I was presented college soccer as a future possibility for me, it's been my goal to reach that very high playing level while maintaining good grades. I believe that college sports are a great place for me to develop as a player and as a person.

College Goals?

I want to graduate university exploring all the opportunities I am capable of. I want to acquire knowledge and develop more maturity, discipline and other virtues. I wish to also explore as much of my athletic abiities as possible and develop as a soccer player, while helping my team be successful.

Anything else we should know?

I am a religious person. I also like to think and discuss about deep and important topics. I also like to explore the arts, like music and theatre.



International School of Ho Chi Minh City


American International School of Mozambique


American International School of Johannesburg


Vientiane International School