Ebba Elfström

Track and field
October 11, 2005


About Athlete

I am Ebba Elfström, a dedicated and ambitious high jumper from Sweden. My dedication to track and field has positioned me among the top athletes in my age.

I’m looking forward to pushing myself in an environment where I can compete at elite levels while also benefitting from a top-tier education.

I firmly believe that this offers the perfect balance for my aspirations, ensuring my development both in the sports arena and in the academic world.




Lidköpings Idrottssällskap, since 2012


I have competed at Nationals for my age, top 4.

Additional videos

Additional sporting info

Beside track and field I train horse back riding.

Personal Best

5ft 5.354 in

What makes you different?

I'm a positive individual who contributes to a positive and uplifting atmosphere within the training group.
I easily translate and adept coach's instructions into practice.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I'm passionate about reaching my full potential both in sports and academics. College seems like the perfect place to achieve this. It would be very inspiring to compete for the college, representing av giving my all for the school.

College Goals?

I hope to improve in my sport with the guidance of experienced coaches and be able to compete at a high level and achieve top placements in both larger and smaller competitions. My goals for my studies are to achieve good grades and great education.



Technical education

Examination year 2024
Swedish High school

The Technology Program with a specialization in engineering is a high school education that prepares students for both higher studies and carriers within the field of technology and engineering. Core subjects are Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology.




Club record

I am the club record holder at high jump for 18-year-olds.