Edoardo Corti

Track and Field - Hurdles
September 30, 2003

About Athlete

My name is Edoardo Corti and I am an Italian hurdler (110 and 60 hs) born on 09/30/2003 in Milan.

I entered the world of track&field at the age of 7 y.o. and have never stopped since, thanks to the strong passion I have developed over the years.
I am passionate about my sport in all its forms, but I also love traveling, discovering different cultures and ways of life, as well as nature and art.


3.4 Gpa
87/100 High school exit mark


Atletica Bergamo 1959


2018 - Bronze medal at the U16 Italian championships in the 100hs with 13"60 (34”)

2019 - Fifth place at the U18 Italian championships in the 110hs with 14"09 (36”)

2020 - Fourth place at the U18 Italian championships in the 60hs with 8"03 (36”)

2020 - Fourth Place at the U18 Italian Championships in the 110hs with 14.41 (36”)

2022- Sixth place at the U20 Italian Championships in the 60hs with 8.15 (39”)

2022 - Silver medal at the Italian Outdoor U20 championships in the 110hs with 13"91 (39”).

2023 - Gold medal at the Regional Championships in the 60hs with 8"05 (42”).

Additional sporting info

After trying different sports and disciplines, I got into sprinting and hurdles, which have given me a lot of satisfaction despite many difficulties over the years.

Personal Best

100hs - 13.60 (34”)

60hs - 8.03 (36”)
110hs - 14.09 (36”)

60hs - 8.14 (39”)
110hs - 13.91 (39”)

60hs - 8.05 (42”)

What makes you different?

Despite the various difficulties I faced, I never gave up, conscious of my abilities, but now I think it is time to take a step forward and move to a higher level.
I am very determined to achieve my goals, and I am sure that with guidance and a calm environment I would be able to reach my maximum athletic potential.

Why do you want to compete in college?

During my seasons as an athlete I have always tried to make the most of my possibilities to achieve my goals, almost always succeeding. All this despite various difficulties, such as for example the distance of my club's field from my home (31 miles one way and 31 miles back) and study commitments that still force me to train a maximum of three times a week.

For this reasons, after finishing high school, my dream has always been to study and compete for a college in the USA, so that I could combine study and sport, something that here in Italy, for many problems, is not possible fo me.

College Goals?

To express my potential in the sport that I love, become more self-sufficient, increase my cultural background, have a high-level education, and discover a world that I always dreamed of since I was a child.



Diploma in Tourism

Higher education institute Martin Luther King

The Tourism address covers the study of the main economic phenomenons, nationally and internationally, civil and tax regulations, and business management in the tourism sector, with a special focus on aspects related to the enhancement of cultural, artistic, artisanal, food and beverage, landscape and environmental heritage, and forms of professional communication in three foreign languages.




Voglia di Atletica (magazine interview)

An interview on the FIDAL Lombardia athletics magazine, edited every three months, which interviews and narrates the story and backgrounds of two athletes. https://online.fliphtml5.com/gzjbp/hmbe/#p=44