Eino Haaslahti

December 17, 2005


About Athlete

My name is Eino Haaslahti and I have been a passionate golfer since I was 13 years old, when my father introduced me to golf. I am now 18 and I am proactively seeking a college or university that has an active program in golf that can utilize my skills and dedication for their team success. I have always been driven to succeed in sports and before golf, I played soccer for 11 years. As of 2020, I’ve been rigorously training and playing golf as much as I can. It seems like I can’t have anything else on my mind. I really love golf because you can never be perfect at it. It is this challenge that motivates me to keep pushing forward and to keep training. A good strike is the best feeling ever.

Personality wise, I am an easy-going, positive and likeable person. I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new places. I enjoy playing team golf and my biggest dream is to compete for Europe in the Ryder Cup.




Aura Golf


Gold Medal in National Team Championship 2023

National U18 Strokeplay Championship T12  2023 (77, 74, 70, +5)

Finnish Tour Matchplay Championship T17 2023

Triple A European Classic T18 2023

Finnish Junior Tour  T25 2023 (77, 84, 80)

Finnish Junior Tour T18 2023 (75, 74, 76)

Finnish Junior Tour T13 2023 (76, 76, 77)

Finnish Junior Tour Final 4th 2023 (70, 67, 73, -6)


Finnish Junior Tour Challenge Win 2022 (74, +2)

Finnish Junior Tour Challenge Final 2nd place 2022 (72, 76, +4)










Additional sporting info

Qualified and competed in Scottish Boys, English Boys and Spanish Boys

2022 scoring avarage 82.5
2023 scoring avarage 76.2

Handicap +1.7 (below zero)

Carry distances with each club (yards)

Driver: 302
3 wood: 265
3 iron: 231
4 iron: 215
5 iron: 200
6 iron: 190
7 iron: 176
8 iron: 165
9 iron: 153
P wedge: 138
50 degree: 128
With my 54 and 58 degree I do not hit full shots.

On average, I train about 30 hours per week. With my golf coach I have around two sessions per week and with my personal trainer one or two trainings per week. The rest I do on my own or with my team mates from Aura Golf. I do personal training for a minimum of 6 hours per week in addition to sessions with my coaches.. I also have a mental coach, who has helped me to focus and improve my mental strength.

Personal Best

67, -5

What makes you different?

I am fully commited to my training and I work hard to improve my skills. I know what I want professionally and am driven to get there. I know my strenghts and weaknesses. I like to spend hours on the range hitting balls. My technique is strong, I can generate speed easily and my shortgame is very sharp. I 'm a good team player I bring good spirit and positivity to my team, but also individually, I want to succeed the best way possible.

Why do you want to compete in college?

College golf is a great way to prepare for professional golf career. You get to train, practice and compete like a professional against the best. In college golf I want to to help my future college team win as many champioships as possible.

College Goals?

I want to get the best possible academic education. I am interested in business studies, for example entrepreneurship, investing and marketing. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs, which has been a good motivation to aspire that as well.



High School

Kaarinan Lukio