Elena Ortega Chateau

Field Hockey
August 1, 2003


About Athlete

College in America is the place I want to be as it will allow me to get a degree in Hospitality or Sports Management, as well as give me the best opportunity to pursue my passion professionally.


Cogs and National Team


Fechoch (Chilean Federation Field Hockey): It is a semiannual tournament, and it is played normally every Sunday.

2015: Joined the National Hockey Team.

2015: Third place in the closing tournament of Fehoch.

2015: Third place in the closing tournament of Fehoch.

2016: We won the Hockey ABS tournament.

2016: (no registration of Fehoch tournament).

To the following years I may also add the Charles T.Darling, an important tournament organized by my school, that I have not been able to attend since it is the same day of the Cross county ABS, priority for my school.   

2017: Second place in the closing tournament of Fehoch.

2017: Third place in the closing tournament of Fehoch.

2018: (no registration of Fehoch tournament).

2019: We won the Fehoch opening Tournament.

2019: We reached the second place in the closing tournament of Fehoch. (we missed the big final because of the social problematics in Chile).

2019: Second place on the regional tournament.

2020: quarantine, we managed to train two months the last half of the year for the national team and Cogs (Club). Also, we missed the UK tour, where the best 20 hockey players of 11th and 12th where selected.

Additional sporting info

For two years: mid 2016 to mid-2018 I started practicing athletics, 5 days of the week, without including, hockey with the national team and my club. It was all a commitment and sacrifice to make all these branches have their necessary time and effort. But all this enjoying the fullest.

2016: First place on the Cross-Country ABS Tournament.

2017: LAM Tournament: First place on 800 meters, Third in long jump and 100mts.

2018: First place and second in two athletes test (do not remember them)

2019: First place on 400meters on the ABS athletics tournament and the last 400 meters of relay race. Third place on 100x4 relay race. (We won the ABS tournament).

Personal Best

2015: Prize Sport women of the year

2016: Selected to appear in the sport magazine El Mercurio, an important newspaper of Chile, as an outstanding athlete of my generation.

2017: Award of best athlete in club Catolica.

2019: First time that we won the Fehoch opening Tournament

What makes you different?

I feel that I can make compatible what I am passionate about (sport), with academic duties, as it is a routine that helps me to relax and work with more energy and clearer in academic responsibilities. I fight for my goals, I work seriously, and I know that if there is motivation and good teamwork, with respect and commitment, it is possible to achieve many things. Being consistent, hard working and always having that need to complement the sport with my daily routine is already part of me.

Finally, add that throughout my whole trajectory I know that despite being a competitive sport, where there are ups and downs, I believe in what I am capable, and the positive attitude is necessary for your team motivation and self-determination.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete at collage because sport is part of my life, of my well-being, a situation that I realized during the pandemic by reducing sport activities due to sanitary rules, discovering that my great emotional rest was by constantly doing sports. I know that I need sport as a development tool in my life.

Therefore, I am interested in college sports due to my routine and enjoyment over it, but also with what I have managed to build together with my school team, creating a kind of family where we may share achievements, losses and even being with people knowing you share similar routines.

I feel motivated to study in the USA because I know that studying outside my comfort zone will allow me to grow as a person, mature and experience something new. Also knowing that there are greater opportunities in less common work areas for my country. And from sports I will be able to open myself up even more and meet and compete with other talents.

College Goals?

Transcend beyond a number, or a record I want to contribute to the sports and academic team and I want the college I represent to feel proud of my achievements, as well as my family. I also want to give my best and do what I like, always by being able to standout with balance and being loyal to my values ​​as a person, always with respect and dedication.

Anything else we should know?


2021 Prefect Award: award given to twelve students out the whole generation (around 120 students) of 11th grade, that during the complete school trajectory have fulfill the most valuables human characteristics, involving school values, skills like leadership social abilities, sports, arts that represents the student’s community during the last year of school.

2016 School Spirit Award: beginning in 5th grade two students each year are recognized till the end of the school trajectory because of their values.

2016- 2018 Values award and different commitment and effort awards in subjects.

Skills and Passions



Trying or making different sports for fun, obviously including hockey. (water and snow ski, bicycle, trekking, etc.)